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  1. Yes it does. i have tried resetting the list and it reappears on the list when I do a scan from my phone. It is trusted.
  2. Hi Cat,I have tried reset with no joy. Thanks for your help anyway. Not sure what to do now. It seems to work with Firewall turned off so can only assume it is the firewall doing the blocking. I am using an Android phone with EStrong file explorer installed. Nani, I have just rebuilt my PC following a nasty virus. OA is the only firewall installed since the re-build. Nice thought though. I will keep playing and if I get a result I will post. Thanks to both. Any further suggestions will be most welcome.
  3. Block all traffic during system boot is grey'd out and unselected. The trusted box is ticked and has made no difference. 7 entries for system. 4 of them - Ports; 139, 445, 2869, 5357, 10243 Prot; TCP Dir; IN 1 of them - Ports; 139, 445, 58143 Prot; TCP Dir; OUT 1 of them - Ports; 137-138 Prot; TCP Dir; IN 1 of them - Ports; 137-138 Prot; UDP Dir; OUT
  4. Hi, sorry if this has been answered elsewhere. I have searched but am not all that technical so don't understand most of what is going on on this forum. Anyway let me explain my problem and hopefully one of you kind souls will be able to help me out. I have replaced ZoneAlarm with Online Armor. I have tried to connect my phone to my PC on the wireless network to stream music etc as I have done for some time. However my phone cannot find my PC on the network. If I turn off the OA firewall it sees it fine, connects and I can browse my files and folders. Turn on the firewall and the phone sees nothing. I have gone to 'configuration - firewall - computers' and selected my phone's MAC address and changed to trusted. However this does not seemed to have changed anything. Any help you can give would be really appreciated (but please try to keep simple as I am not so smart). Many thanks in advance