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  1. Our problem stayed with us all the way till , running Win 7 Pro 64bit, AMD X4 940 , 6b Mem , OA Premium (no sense in complaining about a freebee is there?), AV Vipre on , MS Defender and Ms Firewall turned off. At the moment we have a very productive live without OA 5 premium and Windows Firewall turned back on, our license runs out in 11 months, please don't remind remind us to renew.
  2. Fabian talks about 30 days, here we found OA 5 lost it's memory on shutdown. Every reboot of the PC resulted in a pop-up festival, yet another "security" program that causes more damage (lost work time in this case) than it supposed to prevent. Tried re-installs , uninstalled other security software , made no difference. Pop-ups pop-ups pop-ups , 30+ clicks just to start Photoshop.
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