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  1. I did the uninstall as you suggested and then reinstalled the premium edition from the website ( Both issues I mentioned have been resolved. The version I have from the installer isn't the latest one, and still has the "Web Shield", which I read had been removed. Should I still be seeing Web Shield in v5.0.0.1097 ?
  2. Hello catprincess, The version 5 I installed was clean. Yes, a corrupted upgrade might be the problem, because I remember now that even after the update, it was sometimes displaying the old UI. I'll try reinstall method and let you know. Thank you.
  3. I've just discovered another problem. I've been getting standard system-tray-area OA alerts (program, firewall, etc.) at least half of which show the alert box but it is about half size and has no program name or attempted action. It just asks me Allow or Block. Is this because of the last program update?
  4. When I start my computer, a few seconds after the desktop appears, some kind of box flashes on and off the screen very quickly. It says "Online Armor UI Main Form". The box is tan with a standard blue windows-style title bar. The bottom of the box got cut off, but the only text is at the top. In the upper left of the box is a rectangular cut-out that shows the desktop behind it. From the post here: it seems the cut-out in the box is where a button should be. Online Armor seems to be working normally, but a misrendered, quickly-flashing notification box for one of my security programs makes me nervous. The link above is the only other reference to this box I could find on either the old or new forum. What is the significance of this? What should I do? OA v5.0.0.1100 Premium edition XP MCE SP3