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  1. i sent the logs to [email protected] since i didn't know where else do send them and this topic here: doesnt say where to send them, i also added a link to this topic in the email.
  2. I do use Puran Defrag, but not their boot time scan. Also the only resident scanner is Avast!, the others are ondemand only. Also i reinstalled online armor and reproduced the same problems and sent the logs already, so thats taken care of.
  3. Shouldnt matter since when i tested the other firewalls that was before my system was formated, OA was the only firewall ive had installed since ive reformated.
  4. Well i did test some firewalls, but that was before i reformated my computer and that was a few weeks ago. Id already then decided that i liked Online Armor the best out of the ones i tried(Zone Alarm, Privatefirewall, Outpost Security Suite{No Av}, PC Tools firewall, and Comodo Firewall). The first time it happened i thought it was maybe something with computer since i knew i had a few problems with it then so i just assumed it was something wrong with my computer, but after trying again after i had reformated my computer, i found out that they dont seem to work well with each other. I tried uninstalling it, but that didnt work(though im not sure if it was because of the restore point or if it was because of the defragmenter) then i thought id try and reinstall it over the existing one and that worked, well actually it asked if i wanted to upgrade, or install fresh and i choose the option to upgrade and it worked after i had rebooted. Then after i uninstalled it and im using Comodo Firewall at the moment. Ill reinstall Online Armor if you want me to choose the debug option and do as a did before and defrag the registry while Online Armor is install, and send the logs if thats what you guys want me to do.
  5. Well considering i havent had any problems with it until i ran it with online armor, and that ive been using it for years with no problems i find it had to believe that it will do more harm than good to my computer, so instead i just went with another firewall. Btw, id would of rather had someone from u guys try and replicate the problem and see if could of found away for both of them to work, than for me to move onto another firewall.
  6. well actually, i was testing out other firewalls, and no i didnt install them all at the same time, i tried one for a few weeks then uninstalled it and tried another. Im currently using the vista firewall since i cant get Online Armor to start.
  7. Well the registry defrag program that i use is Wondershare registry defrag, and its happened both times when ive done it so it wasnt just a one time thing, the first time was when i was testing out a few other firewalls, and the second one was last night. Also with the network problem it could be that it messes something up with my wifi software as im on a laptop when i use it, though like i said i didnt have any problems with defragging with other firewalls.
  8. also when i logged back in this morning it asked me for a serial number, yet i installed the free version, and would it help if i ran a debug mode and redo what i did yesturday and send the logs?
  9. So my problem is that Online Armor works fine until i run a registry defrag, and after running it i reboot my computer, when i log back in i have no internet connection and online armor wont start any suggestions on how to fix this as im not exactly sure whats happening? I used a restore point to fix my connection, but OA still wont start. Also id rather not switch to another firewall as i like this one more than the others that ive tried, yet this seems to be the only one thats has problems after a registry defrag.