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  1. I have Esmi malware installed on my computer and have used it for several years. From last week it will not work and a message appears saying theres is a violation number 005B7207 module a2 guardexe. It then asks me to send error report which I have done withoout any response. does anyone know what's happening? Thanks
  2. Now all sorted Many Thanks Boga/Tony
  3. I believe it may be that - I thought that Auslogics was the origin of some of my previous problems but I use it because it seems to have many useful applications. If it is a backup then it is not one I have created intentionally, Regards Boga/Tony
  4. I presently run a-squared malware and Windows Defender. I also have Registry Mechanic running and I use Auslogics Boostspeed functions every week to maintain computer health. Thank you for your help Boga/Tony
  5. This is the latest scan.Have only deleted the items you advised in last communication.There was a problem installing Java 6u16 but it looks as if the error message is not uncommon so I will attend to this later this am. Thanks Tony/Boga
  6. Logs as requested Thanks for your help Tony/Boga
  7. I'm afraid the I see you file will not send because it is too large. Have you any suggestions please? Regards Tony/Boga
  8. I will try again! Thank you for your patience.
  9. 2nd reply Thanks once again Tony Bell
  10. Thank You. I will send two replies asthere is to much in all three files.
  11. Internet Explorer closes down when I try to submit logs - I'll try one at a time.a-squared ~ INLINE LOGS REMOVED ~ SPD
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