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  1. Sorry about this long delayed reply. I thought this trend was dead. Anyway, I tried to first uninstall NetMeter, turn off Windows Firewall, install OA, go through the safety check and learning process, re-install NetMeter. NO GO. Starting NetMeter only results in running the Microsoft problem reporting app "WerFault.exe". I've decided to keep NetMeter and use Microsoft's Firewall. So thanks for the support. As far as I'm concerned this case is closed.
  2. I was wondering if anyone at Emsisoft actually plans to look into this problem? It should be easily duplicated.
  3. Yes, without TLEM I can view problems with the Firewall Status. It doesn't fine the description of my wi-fi card and nothing shows under the "Computers" tab. Even when I shutdown OA I still cannot start NetMeter. Trying to start NetMeter only results in running the Microsoft problem reporting app "WerFault.exe". I also don't see a TLEM service added to the list of services. So it seems TLEM hooks into the networking portion of the operating system rather deeply.
  4. I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bits, OA free. When installing OA the system ask me to install TLEM Network Services and Driver. At the time I had NetMeter (a network monitoring app) running, and as soon as TLEM installed it killed NetMeter. After the OA installation was completed I can no longer start NetMeter. I use Rollback to reset my disk drive back to pre-OA installation and tried the OA installation again, this time not allowing TLEM Network Services or its driver to install. The OA installation and safety check completed without problems. NetMeter also works. So what is TLEM Network Services? By not installing TLEM do I compromise OA in some way? If any developer wants to check out this conflict NetMeter can be downloaded from here; http://www.metal-machine.de/readerror/
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