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  1. Potentially a trojan dropper. VT:
  2. EAM's surf protection is blocking as malware host but it is polish route planning website.
  3. EAM is blocking as phising host.
  4. More info and analyses in this thread @ SG:
  5. Unregistered users don't have this option available. They are forced to use their download assistant. It is just the same case as the few described here:
  6. They are distributing adware (Delta Search, Browser Defender) in their downloader.
  7. Seems that EAM Surf Protection detects as malicious website I would rather say that it is a fp since this website is is owned by Diil Rec - polish hip-hop label and it only redirects to their YT channel:
  8. Infamous "Red October": Those samples are still undetected by EAM.
  9. VT report: VT report:
  10. I have found that is blocked as phising host. I am sure that is an false positive. Without it i am unable to login into Google services as Gmail etc.
  11. 16 samples of System Protection Progressive unrecognized by EAM.
  12. OK guys. What have you done? I just got an update and all seems to be fine. General Information: Start update: 29-08-2012 15:02:28 End update: 29-08-2012 15:02:38 Elapsed time: 0:00:10 Update successful Detailed Information: 1 module, 5936 bytes Signatures\BD\xlmrd.cvd (5936 bytes) - updated
  13. bdcore.dll ( and avxdisk.dll ( are present, a2engine.dll in in version
  14. Fabian, this is my BD folder: OA Premium is present in the system but it doesn't block anything realted to BD or EAM. No other security software working in RT is installed.