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  1. OK guys. What have you done? I just got an update and all seems to be fine. General Information: Start update: 29-08-2012 15:02:28 End update: 29-08-2012 15:02:38 Elapsed time: 0:00:10 Update successful Detailed Information: 1 module, 5936 bytes Signatures\BD\xlmrd.cvd (5936 bytes) - updated
  2. bdcore.dll ( and avxdisk.dll ( are present, a2engine.dll in in version
  3. Fabian, this is my BD folder: OA Premium is present in the system but it doesn't block anything realted to BD or EAM. No other security software working in RT is installed.
  4. Same here. Windows 7 x86.
  5. A well known tester winsevenholic has published a video test of the newest version of EAM. One sample missed this time, but still EAM proves that it is market leader Enjoy! [media=] [/media]
  6. OA shows then a few popups with information about activity of the worm.
  7. Is it possible to add an option to EAM, to run a scan of removable media when it is connected to USB port, like ESET, Kaspersky or Outpost do? For example:
  9. True He also asked for recomendation...
  10. But there is no need to use other anti-malware programs alongside EAM - it has all the features you need to protect your PC.
  11. Sorry for refreshing such an old topic, but I wanted to ask if there are any news about Emsisoft security app for Android?