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  1. OK guys. What have you done? I just got an update and all seems to be fine. General Information: Start update: 29-08-2012 15:02:28 End update: 29-08-2012 15:02:38 Elapsed time: 0:00:10 Update successful Detailed Information: 1 module, 5936 bytes Signatures\BD\xlmrd.cvd (5936 bytes) - updated
  2. bdcore.dll ( and avxdisk.dll ( are present, a2engine.dll in in version
  3. Fabian, this is my BD folder: OA Premium is present in the system but it doesn't block anything realted to BD or EAM. No other security software working in RT is installed.
  4. But there is no need to use other anti-malware programs alongside EAM - it has all the features you need to protect your PC.
  5. Sorry for refreshing such an old topic, but I wanted to ask if there are any news about Emsisoft security app for Android?
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