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  1. Hi Shadowpeterdude....Thanks for taking the time to look at my logs,I am going to restore the quarantined items then.Can you tell me how to go about uninstalling Iseeyouxp from my PC as I cannot seem to find the uninstaller?Regards,Hayemaker.
  2. Hi Lynx,I have attached the log files hjthis and Iseeyouxp...regards,Hayemaker.
  3. Hi Lynx,I don't know how I missed those options,I must need my eyes tested!I already submitted the suspected files in quarantine to Emsi earlier.I updated A2 and done a deepscan again and will attach this log aswell as the quarantined log.regards,Hayemaker.
  4. Hi Lynx,no my A2 deepscan report never picked anything up this time so I suppose win32diag log won't matter.I went into A2 and then into quarantine,and then I saved a copy(I hope this is correct procedure)Do I then just zip this file up and attach it?(the file is called libeay32.dll.dat...I tried zipping this up and attaching it but it says Error:You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file.My PC is running fine at the moment with no problems and the suspect files are contained safely in quarantine.
  5. Hi Lynx,thanks for the quick reply!I have submitted the suspect files to the a2 anti-malware network,however one file could not be submitted,it was a tracking cookie called webtrendslive in my firefox browser profile.I then ran ccleaner and took a hjthis log.I then done a deepscan with A2 and this time no suspect files were detected,The tvunetworks files are in quarantine though.I ran the win32Diag program but it kept saying WARNING: Could not get backup privileges! I am unsure how to attach my A2 logfile.Any further instructions are welcomed.regards,Hayemaker.
  6. Hi,I just registered today so I am not really sure as what to do!I scanned with A2 a few weeks back and it detected some stuff and quarantined it,then when I updated A2 free it advised me that it was false positives and restored the quarantined items.I updated A2 and done a scan again last night and this time it has found something else called> Trace.File.dl.Tvunetworks.com!A2 and a tracking cookie called Trace.TrackingCookie.207!A2...Before I scanned and found these items I installed a tvuplayer plug-in in my readon movie and radio tv player and was wondering if this stuff is malware or a
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