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  1. Hi Lynx, Thank you... I appreciate your input. So basically, it only scans on demand... that is useful, to use as a back up & second opinion to my resident anti-virus program & firewall. About Panda Cloud... it's freeware... I used to use the "regular/original" Panda Antivirus back around 2000-2004, but had to dump it as it started to not play nice with Outpost, and I will not let anything interfere with Outpost... So, I had moved to Avast free home addition. Not bad, but not great... Didn't realize until I uninstalled it last night, how much of a system hog it was, and what a tremendous increase in PC performance I've had since. Not to mention, I question the ability of Avast, as I have had it installed since approximately 2004... have all the resident scans active, etc.., and not one questionable issue has arose from it, since like 2006-2007? I find that hard to believe, as I work on this pc day & night... At any rate... Panda Cloud is Panda Securities latest & greatest... can't get any lighter... or easier to use. Install & forget about it. It has a 99.4% detection success rate, after a million or so something malware/viruses being hurdled at it... pretty impressive! More impressive, as it is not based on 2-4 week old signature files, as most standard antivirus programs are... maybe these articles will help to explain it better, so I don't have to hand type what I read that sold me on giving it a try with Outpost again: PC World PC Mag So far, so good, working seamlessly with Outpost, and is the lightest, easy to install, no config. necessary anti-virus program I've ever used, and the payload is FAR from that of Avast...I think Avast was 150 MB when I uninstalled last night, this is only like 30 MB or something? Have a look... can't hurt to try! So, I'll be installing A Squared Free now... I think I'll like it... probably better than SBS&D??? What are your thoughts on that? SBS&D seems to be a big clunker & hog, just as Avast was... hoping to have better results from A Squared! Have a nice evening
  2. I am wondering before I install... does anyone have experience using this with Agnitum Outpost Pro? Also, can this be used in conjunction with my current anti-virus program, that being Panda Cloud? Is there a way to customize the program to not use the anti-virus features, so it can be used in conjunction with another anti-virus program? Any help here is greatly appreciated! PS: This is for use on Windows XP Home....SP3