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  1. i ran a2 scan overnight and found this, anti malware report attached
  2. everything seems to be running ok, appart from difficulty earlier trying to access this forum , i was getting http error 403, access denied, also my saved password isnt always being saved to this site only, but i wouldnt think any of this is in connection with the problem you been sorting for me, i think just co insidental, so far everything seems ok, thanks
  3. mcfee has automaticaly deleted otl as if it was a trojen, this happened when i clicked to start otl,
  4. ps/ after running scans and submitting scan results, i have scanned again with my normal emsisoft scanner, and found nothing, i have looked in quarantine and found the script attatchment and one of the trojens of the 2 shown in my previous scan,which had told me it was unable to remove, sorry i should have looked in quarantine before submitting my thread, however you may still want to check my scans, below is the info on the items in quarentine , thanks C:\ProgramData\WildTangent\6E7DD52D-205E-4D6D-AF6A-0C34703DFA61-extr.exe Gen.Trojen.Heur!IK High 8/25/2011 6:59:39 PM C:\Users\st
  5. i ran emsisoft scanner today, and found 1x attached script and 2 x trojen horses, after selecting quarentine,the script was removed, but the 2 trojens were unable to be removed,aqnd was prompted to contact this forum, your help appreciated, i have attached files , thanks.
  6. thanks ShadowPuterDude for all your help and advise
  7. ok well thanks,,, clean install thats what im afraid of my cd dvd reader wont work so i cant load windows back on,,, but i have a couple of questions if you dont mind,, 1/ if i copy my windows using someone elses computer and copy it onto a usb stick, from there onto my lap top via usb ,, will that work? would you know how many gb usb stick i would need? 2/ before a clean install would it be safe to save photos/doccuments to usb to re install later or onto a different pc,. or is that a risk of transfering the problem ?
  8. just thought to add more information to my last message, my pc firewall had kept repetedly telling me that a change had been made in registry,and would revert to previous setting,i was clicking allow and save, but still was asking everytime iv logged on,, so because of this i decided to download a new pc tools firewall,then deleted the old one,,,turned off antivirus and then tried to install service pack again it failed at 15% in configuation, after this my desktop showed that my windows was not genuine,after tried to resovle this at microsoft website,but they did not regognise my product ke
  9. i have run into more trouble, while still trying to download the service pack, i am now getting messages from microsoft that my windows is not genuine,iv been trying to email microsoft from their support page,and trying to send them my product key, but it wont send, on there pages it says might be malware that has deleted or altered files needed to varyfy my windows, my windows 7 home premium is i know genuine, i bought it pre release before it went on sale had no problems untill now, any help appreciated
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