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  1. I'm using Windows 7 64b Pro and Online Armor Premium. My questions are following: 1. Is it normal for OASrv.exe to have such huge i/o reads just ater few minutes after Windows boot: ? 2. Is it safe to exclude in OA winsxs folder? While it is excluded system seems to react faster after boot. Maybe problem is its hugeness - on my computer few days ago it was 18.5GB and had over 80k files in it( I managed to shrink it to ~10GB).
  2. Hello, I'm using Windows XP Pro SP3. The problem concerns following programs: Online Armor Premium ( v Aston ( v 1.9.5) BOINC (manager version 6.12.26) Note: Aston is an alternative shell for Windows. BOINC is a distributed computing system. On the top there is BOINC Manager which executes projects execs. I'm using also Emsisoft Anti-malware. Problem: When I run BOINC the system is very sluggish and I can see how system tray and clock are repainting. If I change Windows shell back to Explorer everything is fine, but I don't want Explorer. I installed OA with Trust Eve
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