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  1. Ahh! Perfect! That will do just fine! Thank you very much stapp!
  2. Howdy forum! This is my first time posting. It has been quite a while since I have been to tallemu... Or rather online-armor, as we call it now. Well, I will skip the introductions for a later time and jump right to the problem: So a couple of days ago, FireFox 4.0 came out. I obviously have Online Armor 5.0. Now, what happened when I updated FireFox was that whenever there was movement on the screen (meaning if I moved my mouse across the FireFox window, or even as I type this right now) the little green border that RunSafer has around my FireFox application blinks every time there is movement. It doesn't really hinder the function of Firefox, but having that in peripheral vision whenever I am watching a video or playing a little game, it causes me a little headache after a while because it just blinks that tiny neon green border very quickly. My question to you, forums, is how do I stop that RunSafer border from doing that? As of right now, I downgraded to FireFox 3.6 to avoid the problem, but I would really like to upgrade to the new FireFox very soon! Thank you and if you need any information from me, feel free to ask, TinySpidey
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