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  1. Thanks. That took care of it. catprincess ftw.
  2. I had some computer issues lately that required uninstalling/reinstalling OA and also eventually reformatting and reinstalling win7. Now I try to load OA premium which I have payed for (the license is only a few weeks old) and it says I have used up my activations? Really? Just trying to reinstall it on the original computer..
  3. Maybe when i upgraded i didn't reboot so the drivers didn't kick in. It seems to be working now anyway. Thanks for the help.
  4. I have been using online armor free for a long time, at least a year or two. Unfortunately I didn't realize until today after buying it.. that it has been responsible for my browsers taking ages to respond and my inability to connect to certain sites like youtube. I bought the premium version hoping it would help me identify the connectivity problems I was having.. It turns out however OA is the problem. I did the common fixes of unblocking all blocked items and re-running the wizard to everything trusted. However when i try to use the internet with OA it is extremely sluggish and refuses to visit youtube and loses all connectivity at times. I turn it off and viola! everythings fine. Now that I bought the premium 5.0 version I have not had it prompt me once which is also a concern. I guess I shouldn't have assumed OA was smart enough to let firefox or explorer do something as wild and crazy as connect to the internet to interface with youtube. Somebody please tell me there is something obvious I have overlooked... so I don't have to uninstall and become a detractor. And yes I had disabled all browser objects/extensions that wasn't part of problem. I also run Avira Antivir but still had same problems when that wasn't running. Thanks for any help.