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  1. Thank you for the quick reply. Sorry to confuse you. I was asking about Online Armor Free version and not EIS. Again sorry to confuse you. What I meant was, "is Emsisoft going to make a standalone firewall based on the EIS firewall (as successor to OA Premium" -- can delete that). Online Armor is not discontinued...the last release date was : 10/15/2013...soon it will be a year...will it be updated?
  2. Have not tried out Emsisoft Internet Security yet (I do not have a license) but I do have OA Premium with me. I see that there is no update from the last version I aslo see here that in the new Emsisoft Internet Security the core firewall has been re-written differently from OA. Some questions if I may: OA has a free version, will the new firewall have a free version too..? Is Emsisoft going to make a standalone firewall as successor to OA Premium...? As of the moment I like the HIPS of OA(but is nearing it's license end). It's very good when I wanna block some activity that so
  3. -- Well that was the dump that was identified when I came up from the BSOD (the one that was highlighted in an OA window asking me to send or something..). As to "...how running OA on W7 can interfere with running it on XP" I don't know or I can't understand what you mean there..got confused.... I did install OA on the W7 partition alone. The XP partition had Avast IS(complete with firewall). Like I said when I use iReboot to boot to the XP partition I get the BSOD which is specifically Stop 0x08E. I use NeoSmart iReboot to dispose of going to select an OS everytime when I restart. Been usi
  4. Hi GT500, Thank you for the help. Incidentally, the Bluescreenview data shows information about: Crash Address : ntkrnlpa.exe+40938 Stack Address 1 : ntkrnlpa.exe+4071a Stack Address 2 : BTHidMgr.sys+226b Stack Address 3 : BTHidMgr.sys+8a9 that BTHidMgr.sys is in relation to a bluetooth application I have BlueSoleil of IVT Corporation so I place F:\Program Files\IVT Corporation\BlueSoleil together with the F:\Program Files\NeoSmart Technologies\iReboot in the exclusions tab. I used iReboot and booted to XP. There was no BSOD. Still observing though.... If that is the culprit or
  5. Hello GT500, I just installed OA Premium again in tandem with Avast IS ver7(no firewall) and went on to boot to XP using iReboot of NeoSmart technologies. I had the same Stop 0x08E. But now I have the details from Bluescreenview and the dumpfile that was created. Can I instead send that one via PM. Previously after installation I clicked Start>Restart and went on to the boot sequence selection (as this was a dual-boot)and successfully booted to XP. So doin that there was no BSOD. I had iReboot prior OA Premium installation and was using it without any glitches so the OA installation must
  6. Hi, Might have anybody experienced BSOD with OA Premium? I can install it okay but after 2 to 3 days when I boot to another OS (XP) I get a Stop 0x8E BSOD. That did not happen when I was using another firewall. In this particular pc the arrangement is a dual-boot Windows 7 x32 and XP Service Pack 3 and I use iReboot from NeoSmart Utilities. With another firewall the arrangement was okay. Only when I install OA Premium. Now I am sure that my ram and har disk is okay as I tested it with MemTest86+ and HDD Tune and Western Digital Diagtools. The BSOD happens when I click to reboot to XP. My X
  7. How does it fair in terms of "lightness"...? I wanna use it on an XP SP3 machine with 3gb ram but the last version was a bit heavy during browsing./ It wasn't so when not. Any ideas...?
  8. Okay thanks. Anyone know when the blocklist at COU will be updated? I used to use that but it outdated since last year I think...
  9. Hello, Where can I find an updated OA Blocklist..? I went to Blocklist Pro Security and it was marked as a malicious site by Norton DNS. Please see image attached. Anyone please...?
  10. With this update OA intercept the Zeroaccess rootkit even with default setting right?
  11. Hi, Saw the thread there at Wilders and I see that an update is ready. Is is now as I write available? Regards, Alex
  12. Thanks and I saw your post at Wilders. Yeah!!!!!
  13. Hi, Friend text-ed me this link and I'd like to share it here. Cxxxxx Dxxxxxx Pxxx Byapssed by Zeroaccess rootkit What setttings may be done in OA so that we are protected from this Zeroaccess rootkit? I am using OA Premium at the moment and will soon be in the free version if I can't renew. Any settings that we should adjust for protection? I refuse to believe that OA can't nail this one. OA Premium has really improved imho. Less pop-ups and seems lighter. Regards, Alex
  14. Hi Catprincess, Thank you for the reply. Yes, I saw that but that got me confused on what to select and how to apply it. I downloaded the 'Blocklist Manager' there and some of the zip packages but have not applied it. I still have the OA-COU blokclist applied in OA Premium as of the moment. Please allow me more questions as I really a jittery I might "bork" out something in the set-up. 1. Can I just select a few from the list at the BISS site? Or, I should select all and apply it? 2. What are the advisable blocklist that I should download and apply? On everyday normal surfing, forums, You
  15. Hi, I am currently using the Online Armor Blocklist from COU but it has not been updated since last year and am planning to use the BISS Blocklist or OA Premium. I see that there are quite a number there at the BISS site. What will I select there? I am confused since I was accustomed to use just the COU Blocklist and it only contained one list. Can someone guide me here on hoe to use it please.... Thank you!
  16. @stapp, Hi, I am not in learning mode now. I forgot to mention it in the last thread and reply to catprincess. Working fine now. Only RunSafer seems not to wok smoothly for Opera 11.01..observed that it freezes for about 5-8seconds at intervals especially when there is a lot of mouse movement...still observing though. Saw it in FF4.01 also..same but again still observing. Have removed Chrome browser in Sandboxie and used RunSafer instead to eliminate the on-going Chrome/OA/SBIE problem. Printed the user-guide via PDFXchange viewer lite. Whole user-guide..whew..and it's 17mb all in all...
  17. That was fast! Sorry for that I understood it wrongly. Okay I see listening now! Great! I'll post again when I have regained my wits and read the online user guide. I'll open another topic. You can close this one as "solved". Nice talking to you there! alex
  18. @catprincess, Thanks a lot for the reply. Okay. Thanks for that. I'll use Windows restirctions instead. Okay. Understood. Okay. Understood. I did that when I was on trial with OA Premium ver4. Very nice. Thanks there. Okay. Will check out what can be placed RunSafer or Trusted. Please see image. Sorry for ignorance...where is "listening" there....? Okay. Understood. Allow me to make and check my settings and will be back here. Thanks for the help alex
  19. Forgot to ask these two: About Listening ports Where do I go to see about what "Listening" ports I have on my connection? I do not see that in the Firewall status window. About Stealth While I have just visited GRC ShieldsUP! and got a TruStealth result, where is that setting in OA actualy? Thanks again
  20. Hello, Thanks for the reply. I was really waiting on the reply as I have work tomorrow. @stapp, Thanks did that just now @catprincess, So the files are/or ca be viewed definitely. Hmmm...okay. I'll just change the defualt viewer to one that OA blocks and restrict WPFviewer. Kids you know might see something they must not see. One thing more, if I wanted that particular folder to be blocked and not viewed can OA be set todo that or I'll just use Windows restrictions. Okay will try that later and report back here probably tomorrow. Sorry I meant "KILL" in the Firewall status. Got
  21. OA Premium settings questions First time user of OA Premium ver5.0.1097 here. Have used an older version of OAfreever3.5 and have used a 30day trial of OA Premium ver4. I see there are a lot of changes done and I'd like to ask a few questions please. Files and Registry This is my first time to see this and am happy that u have included this one. OA allows you to view the contents of the folder that is set at 'blocked'. Isn't that supposed blocked when you click it thereby not permitting the user to see the contents. Why does it allow to let the user view the contents when the whole folde
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