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  1. Internet explorer stops working. There is a problem that caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows close the program, and I have to start all over.
  2. Windows 10 Downloaded latest version 8334 from the website. Updated without any problems then turned on beta updates .. just one file downloaded for beta updates. Ran a scan without issue (apart from the fact that Windows Defender caught eicar first :)) I took up EEK offer to install EAM which it did. My only issue is when installing EAM through EEK it doesn't put an icon on the desktop whereas downloading and installing EAM myself, it does put an EAM icon on the desktop.
  3. For the longest time my computer was using an unactivated licensed Windows and yesterday I was able to buy a product key. I am not able to clean and re-install a new copy of Windows 10 OS because Windows Defender is giving me the error 0x800700aa. Please help clean my computer! Addition_04-01-2018 23.22.13.txt FRST_04-01-2018 23.22.13.txt logs.db3
  4. Hello, hope you can help me. When I scan my PC with Emsisoft AntiMalware (installed in the PC) "C:\ProgramData\simplitec" is flagged up as an infection. I select to delete this folder but it reappears on next power-up. This problem has been reported on this forum before and I'd like help to decide if this is a genuine infection. And if so, how to get rid of it. Thanks. Victor FRST.txt scan_171227-021824.txt Addition.txt
  5. Update seemed smooth. Is there anything visibly different to try out?
  6. OneKey Ghost 14.5 Viet.rar -IDM 6.18 Build 7 Silent Plus(4virut).rar
  7. Emsisoft Anti-Malware scan shows that there is an application that cannot removed, the scan results are attached on the file There were also some other files from previous scans I would like help with. The folders were not affected by selecting the option to quarantine. When I click the folders it says that I do not have permissions to access. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 12/14/2017 8:48:39 PM Behavior Blocker detect
  8. i have clear up every event in forensic log , but the main screen still show 5 malware objects , how to reset to zero.
  9. EAM on Win 7 64bit (a couple of days since this machine was on) After the download of new beta I looked in Update logs and it says when I click 'view details'........ General Information:Update started: 31/07/2017 19:00:10 Update ended: 31/07/2017 19:02:46 Time elapsed: 0:02:36 Update successful Detailed Information:182 modules, 34381181 bytes In Forensics logs it doesn't show the amount downloaded when you click 'view details' it just shows.. General Information: Version 2017.7.0.7797 Update started: 31/07/2017 19:00:10 Update ended: 31/07/2017 19:02:4
  10. Windows 10. Uninstalled EAM and rebooted twice. (I chose the option to remove logs but it still left folder in Program files with quarantine in it) Ran EEK installed 8080 (which I had in downloads) and when I got error I thought it might be because it was on older download so I deleted install (it installed ok ) and downloaded 8219 from website. Installed okay but no way will it update either from stable or beta. Find attach screenshot of EEK Forensics showing the 'Update started date, and the Update ended date. They are nearly 50 years apart Also attached logs from P
  11. After updating to 8323 Scheduler..Updates no longer appears in Forensics. (Please don't say this is a new feature ) No way to see what updates have been downloaded. Also see post by thomster here. https://support.emsisoft.com/topic/28950-beta-8323/?tab=comments#comment-180641
  12. One of my clients has an infection this is the verbiage- C:/Windows/System32/inetcpl.cpl is infected. All these files are essential for Windows to work, you can’t delete or quarantine them now. The removal experts on the Emsisoft Forum will help you to safely remove this detection for free:
  13. Here are my logs. Pc has been acting weird for awhile now. Need this to be fixed, so worried. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  14. Update went ok. I think the forensic logs actions/components things is great deal better. The 'restore down' problem is still there.
  15. Hello there, I've had a rootkit infection on my computer for a while now and have had extreme difficulty getting rid of it. I posted a similar topic a while back but didn't get back to it in time and for that, I apologize. I would really appreciate a response to this issue as soon as possible. The files I scanned are located below. Emisoft Scan.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  16. Download of new version seemed very much slower than usual (I'm in the UK), but once here the update has been smooth. Which Settings are no longer present? Is there meant to be only one tab under Logs, namely Forensics?
  17. EAM 8311 gui Settings.... Permissions If I untick the tickbox for ''Hide users with default permissions'' it re-enables itself when the GUI closes.
  18. Just wondering why in 8311 in C\Program files\EAM..... emsiclean.exe has a red cross on it.
  19. Win 10 Do a scan.. context menu scan of small desktop file will do. Close GUI afterwards. Go to Factory Default settings and select clear all logs and reset counters Check Forensics to make sure logs are gone. Close GUI. Open GUI and select scan Last scan result is showing (eg suspicious files have been found ) How does this happen if all scan logs have been cleared and counters reset?
  20. I cant delete plz help me... I was scan by emsisoft and AV detect this like suspicious behevior... But isnt delete the virus... And always start up with computer...
  21. Hi i installed an app i believe to be a spoof or something worse, is there anyway of scanning my ipad for possible malware or viruses ? my worry is its linked to my PC and may provide access to my local network ? regards Haydn
  22. Hi all . Ran a scan with a malware removal tool and it turns out I have a smart service root kit on my computer. I tried installing root kit removal tools but they are unable to run, Im guessing because of the root kit on my computer denying me access to them. My computer is stable and can do everything else except update itself (main reason why I want to fix this issue) and download certain malware removal software.
  23. Hi, my computer is infected with Rootkit SmartService. Any help getting rid of this virus and the srvpiaga.sys file would be greatly appreciated. I've attached my log files. Thanks in advance. FRST.txt scan_171126-103309.txt Addition.txt
  24. New member here. I see that this problem has already been addressed in another post in July, and the fix steps offered, but I read that that fix is specific to that machine only. So I have the same problem, also Windows 7. That is, Emsisoft detected that \Windows\System32\sdclt.exe is attempting to modify and autorun entry. I attempted to quarantine, and Emsisoft popup replies that "these files are essential for Windows to work, you can't delete or quarantine them now." I am instructed to ask the Emsisoft Forum for help in its removal. I am not tech-savvy. Please help. thanks.
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