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Found 818 results

  1. Help please. I scanned Emsisoft Emergency Kit and it detected this Application.AdReg and it can't be removed, it says the following object can't be removed for your own security. Can I be helped I have saw other people with this problem but it said fix would work only for them, so fix for me please? The files are found below Addition.txt FRST.txt
  2. After quarantining items found during scan the computer shut down. I was able after hours to reboot into safe mode with networking. Following a reboot after hours and hours the sign in screen appeared. I signed in and attempted to view logs etc. I continuously received file system error 1073741819 errors and rundll32exe 0xc0000005 errors. Obviously nothing worked. After attempting to utilize control panel everything hung.... I hit the escape button and the computer went to bsod. I left it on and went to bed.... after multiple attempts to access I was eventually able to sign in and everything appeared to be back to normal. No more error codes etc. After shutting it off I am back to square one. I have no exe, error code 1073741819 etc. and am now afraid to shut it off. In looking at Emsisoft logs it was running the entire time and doing frequent updates which I had to shut off. My D drive seemed to be gaining a lot of data. I can't 100% guarantee the chronological order of these events as it has been days this has been going on. I have an HP Pavilion P7-1414PC Next Gen AMD Quad Core AB5500 Accelerated Processor 64 bit. This taken from the tag on the tower. No access to info in control panel. I cannot attach the logs as they won't export nor can I copy & paste them. If you know of an alternative... I believe the issue lies somewhere with HKey Users S-1-15-21 Microsoft Windows which it originally quarantined and then released. I am at a loss and certainly afraid to do anything at this point. It has become way beyond my level of expertise or comfort. According to logs 10/26 @ 10:01 Protection Started, at 10:27 Shutdown received. Nowhere throughout the rest of the logs does it note any further shutdowns though there have been more and emsisoft has continued to run while nothing else does.
  3. Windows 10 Home with all updates. I am getting a 0X80070032 error when I boot. I have to reboot to start Windows. Is it malware or a problem with Windows? FRST.txt Addition.txt scan_171101-130617.txt I BB_171101-170551.txt Forensics_171101-170633.txt Quarantine_171101-170430.txt
  4. What should I do to remove virus and recover my browser is working on my laptop please help me
  5. You guys are busy bee's One desk top just auto update. Smooth. Beat you Frank
  6. Win 10 build 1709....EEK 7904 Because of the thread here I thought I would see if I could reproduce it. Turned off EAM and installed EEK and ran a scan. No issues and after closing EEK there was no instance of EEK left in TaskManager. One thing I did note is that I have a copy of Eicar on my machines to test my Malware scans on EAM and EEK. EEK didn't catch Eicar as Windows Defender jumped in and got it first Of course this doesn't happen on Win 7 with EAM turned off when running EEK, but it does using Win 10.
  7. This is renewed call for 67 malwares that Emsisoft discovered on my PC but it is not able to remove them. Today I followed Kevin Zoll's instructions using AdwCleaner and Junkware Removal Tool and here are generated files. What now? My Internet provider (Rogers) switches my internet service off as dangers for their system and other customers!!! Urgent help needed. Thanks in advance Dobrilo AdwCleaner[S1].txt JRT.txt
  8. Hi Frank Both desktops updated no sweat. Course on win 7 isn't much of an issue.
  9. as you can see in the screenshot security centre icon is not displayed in the task bar, but when I click it opens. is it a bug? is it known? Please Let me know Soon
  10. Updated to Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (1709). The "Virus & threat protection" part of the Windows Defender Security Center does recognize EAM as an installed antivirus provider, but the status is unavailable... (it informs me to open EAM for more information) Is this the way it is supposed to work?
  11. Hello; I run EAM on my USB flash drive, and three objects were quarantined, with message: E:\xxx.vbs Quarantined: VB:Trojan.Agent.CMIZ (B) E:\R_CDF_MDE.lnk Quarantined: Generic.WormVBS.LNKC.CA2DE534 (B) E:\Services Custombit.lnk Quarantined: Generic.WormVBS.LNKC.ABDAAF75 (B) There is something more I can do apart of delete them? Should I format the drive? Should I run some additional test? Mhhh ... fear
  12. Windows 10 build 1709 using autoupdater. As it was downloading I got the popup for app restart required. I said yes. After GUI was loaded it said I was on 8100 but Forensics said the updates had been cancelled by me. I then did a manual update which uploaded some more stuff and also asked me for an app restart. Debug logs attached, plus screenshot of Forensics and copies of the 2 update logs inside zip. update log 1 is the one EAM says I cancelled and shows some things were updated and some were not. update log 2 shows what was updated via manual update a couple of minutes later. a2guard_20171026075450(6784).zip
  13. Hi Frank Two desktops sitting pretty with 8100 on them. Looking good. Pete
  14. I saw something flashing over the google search bar in firefox while watching youtube, also checking routinely for viruses anyway. Ive done some virus scans which come out clean. Do these logs show anything out of order? FRST.txt Addition.txt scan_171024-064749.txt
  15. When ging to I get a security warning from cloudfare that I have to complete a CAPTCHA before I can access that site. scan_171016-213447.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  16. Bonjour, Depuis quelques temps, mon PC se bloque à chaque démarrage deux fois et le démarrage est normale au troisième essai. J'utilise W10 Famille et le système d'exploitation est en 64. Le rapport du scan ne montre plus rien (suppression d'un TROJAN lors du 1er scan). Que faire pour identifier d'où vient le problème. Cdt
  17. a2settings.ini.backup scan_171011-115339.txt Addition_11-10-2017 11.46.29.txt
  18. After running a malware scan it encountered Rootkit.SmartService (A) [290143] which I believe is a "boot" Rootkit. Scanner asked to do this post in order receive help from support with the removal process.. Please help. scan_171005-045652.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt
  19. Scanner was unable to remove two "deeply embedded threats" that went by the name Rootkit.SmartService (A) and Trojan.Trafmous (A) that interfere with my PC's performance. HELP!! FRST.txt Addition.txt
  20. Came back saying it could not fix it and that i shouldn't delete the file as it may affect the system. Forensics_171008-085945.txt Addition.txt
  21. EAM on Win 7 running 8006 Forensic logs are recording, but updates logs are not Screenshots and debug logs attached in zip EDIT also attached log.db3 a2service_20171013044026(832).zip logs.db3
  22. Here are the files you need to help me. I have the full version and it will not remove these due to them being system files. Need to know how to remove them. Thank you. scan_171010-084849.xlsx scan_171010-084849.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt
  23. Greetings , i have problem like this thread always open my firefox even if it's not used here's the link scan_171002-181310.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt
  24. Here are farbar logs and eek report. Here was my original thread which raised some concerns: FRST.txt Addition.txt EEKreport.txt
  25. Hi testers, We highly appreciate your feedback here on the automatic EIS to EAM migration that should take place as soon as you switch to the beta update feed and perform an update.