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  1. I have a 75/75 connection with Frontier Fios and over the last few weeks, I get either a spinning circle when loading java resource sites ie; ESPN. or connections timing out. The Emimsoft scan came back clean, but I am worried, it shoClick to choose filesuld not take a few attempts to load pages, so I will attach my FRST.Txt and addition.txt for help. I'm also trialing this software so I will probably purchase as it treats my machine well. Thanks for any help you can provide. Matt Addition.txt FRST.txt scan_170924-104538.txt
  2. Win 7 Pro via autoupdates. Was already on EAM when this updated. Smooth update with no issues. Can you explain a bit more about why I now have the ability listed in the GUI to connect this machine to an Enterprise Console ? I ask because where it says ''learn more'' the link sends me here which tells me nothing about it. https://www.emsisoft.com/en/
  3. Please find spelling and text errors under Settings..License..Tip
  4. Win 7 Home 64 bit Auto updated to 7985 and noticed in forensic logs that a app rule for mvsp hosts was removed at the time of the update. This rule was created on the 19th September. What made EAM clean it up? Is it just cleaning old rules up when it does the new build? It reminds me of when another rule was removed by EAM without me doing anything https://support.emsisoft.com/topic/28064-beta-12-build-7904/ Find logs attached plus 2 screenshots. a2service_20170927065420(3784).zip
  5. Thank you for your help with this. So far your directions have been very clear! FRST.txt Addition.txt
  6. 9/6/2017 7:26:01 PM Application Rule created for "C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\microsoft.windowscommunicationsapps_17.8500.40725.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe\HxTsr.exe" ive looked it up and it appers to be rlated to office or outlook but i dont use office nor outlook so what is it also on a unrelated not EAM sees to hve crashed mysteriously but its not refelected in the logs atlest on screen should i be concerned or am i just paranoid
  7. About 15 days ago I found a problem: randomly (email site server or other websites does not matter) the webpage that I'm reading is redirect in a new blank page. In the bottom of the page I read this line: trasferimento dati da google-analitycs.com The page remain freeze and blank (in the bottom right the cursor remain at 50%). If I try to return to previous webpage automatically the page is redirect at the same blank page (and google-analitycs.com bottom line). I try many scans with all protection softwares (stopzilla; Emisoft anti-malware, avira antivirus) but the problem persist. I enclose the hijackfree scan. Someone could help me? Thanks
  8. In 61 files your scan discovered malware Win32.Ramnit.Y(B) that cannot be removed nor quarantined. Please advise how to get rid of them. I saved 3 files: EEK scan report, FRST and Addition bat I cannot attach them to this submittal?
  9. There is a fake Dell support group that have hacked my laptop, email and work computer and cell phone. I want to remove them permanently from my devices.
  10. Thankfully Detected the High RISKS but unable to Quarantine or Delete files. Please Help and instruction step by step solution. Files cannot be manually deleted ... access denied. Emsisoft Emergency Kit - Version 2017.8 Last update: 9/11/2017 4:27:34 AM OS version: Windows 10x64 Scan settings: Scan type: Malware Scan Objects: Rootkits, Memory, Traces, Files Detect PUPs: On Scan archives: Off Scan mail archives: Off ADS Scan: On File extension filter: Off Direct disk access: Off Scan start: 9/11/2017 5:59:43 AM C:\Users\J\AppData\Local\ctfardb\ctfardb.exe detected: Gen:Variant.Zusy.255923 (B) [krnl.xmd] C:\Users\J\AppData\Local\ctfardb\winvfdq.exe detected: Gen:Variant.Mikey.69550 (B) [krnl.xmd] Scanned 97670 Found 2 Scan end: 9/11/2017 6:08:15 AM Scan time: 0:08:32
  11. Hi - I just found out that at least 3 computers on my home network have the trojan SmartService(A) . It's possible my in-laws who live in part of the house also have it. I have no idea how it's moving between machines. At any rate, here are the logs from one of the machines, my laptop. I can generate logs from the other 2 machines as well if you require. Please let me know. Silvercloak FRST.txt Addition.txt scan_170830-205703.txt
  12. Hi, I get a full black screen at windows logon and do not have control to the computer (including accessing the taskmanager via ctrl+alt+del). I suspect it to be a virus / malware as I had earlier got a voice message during internet browsing, mentioning that the computer was infected by a virus and the voice asked to call a number (which I didn't) to get the computer unblocked. Find attached the requested files FRST_05-09-2017 20.50.27.txt Frits Addition_05-09-2017 20.50.27.txt
  13. Win 7 64 bit via manual updates ( with EAM service stopped in Services and program shutdown) Update finally installed after 12 minutes (I almost fell asleep ) I know it was a big download and instal,l but 12 minutes is a long time. I don't know a lot about page faults but they went up to a million during the install. Had a look around and all seemed ok, so I asked to do a malware scan. It asked to restart GUI to load things as usual. Page faults went up to 2 million during scan (hope I'm not getting to get obsessed with them!!) After it found my test file it brought up the new window to see if I would like to use Emsisoft as ''we found malware that managed to get through your current defence'' (much better wording now) I clicked on the option to see what would happen and it completely started up EAM again, even restarting the service !! At the same time EEK shut down and disappeared. Just in case they are of any interest I attach the debug logs. a2emergencykit_20170825191141(456).zip
  14. Did a manual update from last build 7964 and as it was ages since I last ran it, it took a long time to download and install updates (15 minutes) I had shut down EAM and stopped the service. All looked well with EEK so I ran a malware scan. When it got to about where my Eicar test file was Windows Defender popped up and said it had found a detection. I didn't realise WD was turned on as it had a yellow tick and said I needed to turn it on So EEK didn't get to find it as usual. I have no idea where WD has put my Eicar test file as it is no longer on my system and I cannot see it in WD quarantine as WD isn't turned on. Event viewer showed a little error for EEK so I am including it in the zip file with debug logs in case anyone wants to look at them. a2emergencykit_20170827125200(5548).zip
  15. EAM win 7 64 bit. I thought I'd check out surf protection so I opened up Protection... Surf protection... where I have the built-in list always showing. Started to type in the long box and unfortunately all my built-in list has now disappeared I opened and closed the GUI.. turned surf protection off and on, turned built in list checkbox off and on but there is nothing. Probably a reboot would fix it but thought I'd tell you first debug logs attached a2start_20170825140850(2244).zip
  16. To avoid potential confusion in the thread 'Problem with language selection' I'm starting one of my own. As I mentioned in that thread, I have the same problem of EAM loosing the language setting. In my case the preferred computer language is English and the location is Sweden. EAM keeps reverting from English to Swedish, sometimes totally, sometimes partially. Today I started my portable computer. It doesn't get used much and EAM reported 6 days since last update (I update manually there). The following happened: On startup, I saw that the EAM had reverted - as far as I could see, totally - to Swedish (SV) Set the language to EN Everything checked as being EN Restarted the UI Still everything is EN Restarted the UI once more. Still everything is EN Turned on Debug logging. Still everything is EN Closed the UI Restarted the computer Fired up the UI Overview tab is EN Clicked the tabs and sub-tabs in order, left to right Still EN until Settings, which is a bit of a mixture The sub-tab headings were EN Stuff under sub-tab General was Swedish (SV) and the language in the Language box also showed 'Swedish' Stuff under sub-tab Privacy was EN but 'Look up reputation' stuff was SV Stuff under sub-tab Updates was SV, though 'Update feed Stable' was just this (i.e. EN). Stuff under sub-tab Notifications was mainly SV but some EN: - Real-time detections - Removable device connections - Software updates - Don't show notifications in Game Mode - Notifications location - Email notifications Stuff under sub-tab Exclusions was EN Stuff under sub-tab Permissions was mainly EN but lead text in the Master Key box was SV Stuff under sub-tab License was SV Disabled Debug logging This has happened several times, so it seems reproducible with the computer in its current state. Note though that I've previously seen changes in other tabs and sometimes everything. I've sent the debug logs, referring to this thread.
  17. Does Emsisoft come with a firewall? Do I need to turn on windows firewall when Emsisoft is installed?
  18. Win 7 64 bit via autoupdater. Beta is running very smoothly so far. Malware scans and context menu scan both work well. It took 20 minutes before my laptop autoupdated after boot (debug logs below) For some reason Forensics show that I deleted the Application rule for Opera before the beta update (I didn't touch it, I promise, I didn't even open my browser either!!) see screenshot. I will have to follow this up, but when looking at a log in GUI, eg. updates, I went to Forensics and it refreshed with info on a scan I had done. The auto refresh knocked me back to the updates log. But overall at this early stage all is running well EDIT.. no issues with an autoupdate to Win 10 pro 64bit. a2service_20170825062028(924).zip
  19. Good afternoon everyone, I have a problem on my computer, I can not see the photos, The photos have this name. I dont know what it is and how to recover the photos, if you could help me. Since there was no image of any 'rescue' of the photos, I'm not sure if it's any ransomware or what it could be. scan_170818-144400.txtFRST.txtAddition.txt
  20. Hi, I downloaded the Emisoft software and ran a scan on my computer yesterday. 13 files were detected, 12 were low risk and looked unimportant for computer functioning (ad.click something or other, all of them). I quarantined all of the files. Now I am unable to open any files (pictures, pdfs, etc) on my computer, nor many programs (adobe, VLC, etc). The Emisoft scan tool is also constantly popping up on the screen without be prompted to. I went back in to restore the quarantined files just in case that caused the issue, but all of the low risk files have disappeared. The medium risk one was still there, however. When I went back in to access the log of the quarantined files from yesterday, only one file remained, which was deemed medium risk. None of the low risk files are there anymore. When I attempt to uninstall a program, I get the error message "RuntimeBroker.exe" .... "Server Execution Failed." When I attempt to open a program (ie. Adobe) is get the error message "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000005). Click ok close the application". I'm in the last few weeks of trying to complete my thesis and desperate to resolve this issue quickly, as I am completely helpless without my computer and it's stored contents. Thank you in advance for your help!
  21. The EAM notice contains the text in Finnish: Since these files are essential for Windows, you can't remove or export them to quarantine. scan_170729-224435.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  22. I have enabled all the protection setings including file guard, but after each and every restarts its get turned off automatically. is it a known issue?
  23. First scan, found adware in zip files and windows 10 kms activator. When i tried to quarantine your popup said if i did it could damage. What do i do? Wouldnt program find files that are bad to keep? I am a novice. ~email address removed to avoid member being spammed Shell24
  24. when u click "always block this" , there is no responding test with latest beta 7318 ,window 7 x64
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