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  1. Two Desktops and 1 VM updated automatically. So far so good
  2. In Windows Event Viewer under 'System' logs at each boot it shows 2 errors Event ID 7009 ''Description: A timeout was reached (30000 milliseconds) while waiting for the Emsisoft Protection Service service to connect.'' Event ID 7000 ''Description: The Emsisoft Protection Service service failed to start due to the following error: The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion.'' The effect of these 2 errors is that at boot there is a time of about 20-30 seconds where there is only a black screen with a cursor. I also reported the same for build 7207 and provided debug logs etc. https://support.emsisoft.com/topic/26936-event-viewer-errors-in-win-7-build-7207/ Find more debug logs attached for this attached a2service_20170225060458(3056).zip
  3. EAM updated to this build this morning on Win 7 then I turned laptop off. Rebooted again just now and noticed 2 errors in event viewer about Emsi service not starting in a timely manner. Debug logs plus 2 event viewer errors in attached zip a2guard_20170224124622(2556).zip
  4. Hi, I was asked to have a look at a computer that running slow and that wouldn't run malwarebytes. So I started off with running Junk removal tool and it removed quite a lot of junk from the machine. I then downloaded EEK which brought the error in the attached image then when it does eventually load when i click scan after the update the scan takes around 2-5 seconds. the hard drive has about 20 gigs worth of data on it. Something just doesn't seem right and i can't pin point it. Addition.txt FRST.txt scan_170216-121819.txt
  5. Got .MERRY approx 2 weeks ago. Caught it part-way through it's process, and deleted the .exe files which had propagated 11,000+ times. Your software (and a couple of others) did not find the virus any more. Your decrypter saved MONTHS of work, and decrypted the files. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Since then, MSWord had been having some problems when it tried to locate a .dot file (for example when I wanted to insert page numbers). I was trying to find time to re-install MSWord. Also, approximately 1x/day, computer would restart with "Blue Screen of Death" (I'm sorry, I don't know what to call that in non-tech-speak" 2 days ago, restart happened more and more. Yesterday, approximately every 10 minutes. Then I discovered that it did not shut down as long as I didn't open MSWord or File Explorer. Then, this morning, started up computer and got an error I've never seen before: When I signed into Windows, I got an error that said something like: "Group Policy Identifier failed to sign in" and then Blue Screen of Death (that's all I was able to remember from what it said before the error message went away and the computer restarted itself. Next time, it logged me into Windows ok. That's where I'm at. Thank you for the help... FRST.txt Addition.txt scan_170129-084758.txt
  6. Hello, I have a VBS Error Popup each couple of minutes and Its so annoying! Cant work on the computer with this I tried to run Full scan with EIS But It detecs nothing. I've attached an Image here please view It!
  7. When I was using Firefox to open an online training site that I signed up for through the Metro Tucson Chamber of Commerce, I was redirected to another site-Chinese Merchandise. Then, when I tried to open the site again, I got an animated porn site. I immediately closed the browser and ran an Emsisoft scan but nothing came up. I have run the programs and attached the files you requested. The site opened successfully in Chrome. Log scan_170123-214921.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt
  8. After starting the computer Emsisoft was starting a scheduled scan. But when arriving on 82% the scan stopped and didn't progress. I'm unable to stop the scan even when closing the interface. After reopening the interface the scheduled scan apears to be stuck ad 82%. Unable to start new scan. I use build with the new BB engine, Beta enabled See logs and picture Logs.zip
  9. Big bugs in the update package size of I've installed version EMSISOFT IS I got within three days I checked the update package size. The first day about 24 MB. The second day is about 42 MB. The third day is about 49.5 MB. Why does this update package size is too much. I updated version of the high volume of daily 11 EMSISOFT the problem I had, and I support the report, but the company did not fix it. There is also the problem now in version 12. Please make this big problem. (Total size of the database BitDefender Antivirus is published on a weekly basis is about 170 MB), but EMSISOFT receives 50 megabytes per day.? Respectfully
  10. Can someone help me.. My grandpa`s computer is infected with some kind of Russian virus.. Cant seem to find any information on the internet, and runned several scans and deleted it. But it keeps coming back.. Before I didnt even have internet but i fixed that.
  11. My Computer has been encrypted...paid the ransom buy never got a decrypt key..really hope to get the data back. Scan 12.29.2016.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  12. Hello, I'm new On this forum I Have Emsisoft Internet Security 12 + Malwarebytes Premium V3! And I'm getting a browser webpage popup every couple of minutes http://fs1news.ru/afishasm Thats the webpage I'm getting! Tried To full scan Not helping!
  13. Hello, I wanted to know how the Emsisoft beta testing works, I am interested to participate and contribute feedback. My question is in the license issue, do you give a free license for tests or only the 30 days? Thank you in advance.
  14. Hello, I Have a problem with the Manual update I cant seem to update the signatures with Manual update Please Fix It guys! Btw my last update was 1HR Ago so for sure there has an update but I Still cant update It either manual or Automatic I Dont know where to get the debuglogging logs So I cant attach them. Please tell me how!
  15. Alguien por favor que me pueda ayudar con una solucion para recuperar los archivos me salen todos encriptados y terminan en .osiris A6A47D02--178A--94E0--0B13ED9F--F69CAAC57AB4.osiris
  16. Emsisoft Malware detected the trheat but it can't remove or quarantine Bedep. My PC runs windows 7Ultimate 64bit. Could you please help me to remove the theat? Thank you in advance. Gianmarco
  17. When I enabled the 30 day trial, the Security Center crashed. Also, when I was installing Emsisoft IS 12, the first update made the security center freeze at 47%, hide, and then crash. The update log shows that I manually aborted the update, but it crashed.
  18. Hi, I was trying to download something and then i installed a malware. Browser is redirecting me to www.windowsappz.xyz. scan_170123-170414.txt logs.db3 Addition_23-01-2017 17.19.13.txt FRST_23-01-2017 17.19.13.txt
  19. Hi, We have a PC that has been infected by the I_LOVE_YOU .MERRY encryption. I have the offending executable as well as a before and after file. I have attached them for your reference. I hope you can work out a decryptor and help me and others out! Chrome Font.zip
  20. Hi Kevin... Unfortunately, we have a client that had an employee infected with this same variation. We have removed the virus from the infected PC, however, this PC was part of a domain with a shared map drive at the server level ( Windows server 2012) All the files on the shared drive are, of course, encrypted also. We have tried the software using several different files. All return a message " The decrypter could not determine a valid key, Please drag and drop .........." Any suggestions as what we might try now? Thank you in advance
  21. Vector: Possibly email, looks to be like Craigslist though. Files renamed to .merry, also included in each directory/subdir the file merry_i_love_you_bruce.hta which displays the ransom ID. New email seems to be [email protected] Hybrid Analysis: https://www.hybrid-analysis.com/sample/28bda4bf96841c5734fc1dc9f7fe76724488a79cf177d3992c03eb88b8fdf36f?environmentId=100 Attached is the infection file. Current MCR tool doesn't seem to work on this variant, so hopefully this helps. In case your AV blocks it, encrypted 7z password is 123 . Chrome_Font.exe Chrome_Font_pass123.7z
  22. Just updated my EEK on Win 10 64 bit only to be told it is the wrong bitness and cannot be run. EEK froze when trying to finish installing the update. Did a couple of dumps from taskmanger. Both EEK 32 and EEK 64 were listed. However here are debug logs first. You probably won't need the dump files as obviously an error in the bitness update is the problem. a2emergencykit_20170126161633(4476).zip
  23. Hi ! My file has encrypted by HakunaMatata it's secured version of Nmoreira have you an idea to unlock file ? (The payment is 2BTC...)
  24. Updates to latest build. Very smooth.
  25. Hello, My customer as been attacked by ransomware and a lot of their files are encrypted with BTC extension. Does anyone knows if there is a decryptor tool available somewhere ? Thanks in advance !
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