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  1. I've been having problems with the windows\syswow64\dnsapi.dll on my computer for some time. I use Avast and it instantly detects the file. Avast couldnt remove the file and it remains on my computer to this day. Even worse, as long as I keep Avast active, I cant open my internet. I get a crash report every single time. I have to disable my antivirus to access the internet. Here are the logs created by the emergency kit and Fanbar scanner. FRST.txt Addition.txt scan_170226-111514.txt
  2. I ran a malware scan and it found many trojans but i quarantined the virus and it asked to restart,after restarting the taskbar colour changed into white as windows xp The Theme Service Deleted! Here is the screenshot: and here are the logs:scan_170312-182639.txt
  3. Hello. I have been doing some malware testing lately and I have come across four samples that completely crash real-time protection. After a reboot the notification icon is red, and after a few minutes I get a pop up as shown in the attachment. One of the samples from 03/16 is still zero-day as the signatures and heuristics don't pick it up along with the Behavior Blocker misses it. I have tested in both Oracle VirtualBox and VMWare with Windows 7, 8.1, and 10 and it occurs with all of them. I have forwarded 3 of the samples to customer service over a week ago, but I see this hasn't been
  4. I use the old .bat files to keep debug logging on so I have logs for any reports I make. Took me a little while to figure out why I had no debug logs anymore. EAM automatically turns off debug logging after 7 days.
  5. Yesterday I autoupdated to 7207 on Win 10 64bit. with EAM I reset the logs counter only. Today I booted up and after almost 15 minutes there is still no update. Gui says last update was 23 hours ago. Debug logs attached a2service_20170224070047(1420).zip
  6. Hi Frank Again, the updates are smooth. Thanks, Pete
  7. Just wondering why description for ZAM.exe is missing in BB list (beta 6716)
  8. My EAM was updating to the latest stable released today. I received a notification popup (GUI was closed) but when I pressed Restart button nothing happened. EAM did not restart...even after few minutes. I had to manually restart PC in order to finish the update. Logs.zip
  9. I have uploaded a file to https://id-ransomware.malwarehunterteam.com/ and it is coming back as AI-Namrood. The system was scanned using the paid version of Malewarebytes which did not find anything. A large amount of the files are encrypted like the attached file. My question is what do I need to do to make sure it's really gone. I did notice a large amount of attempts to log in from an unknown IP with no PID with a ton of user name guesses in the security log. I have since turned off the IIS server and it seems to have stopped the flood of attempts but the machine went off-line and is curr
  10. Since lifting these items is buried deep, there is a high risk of your operating system crashing during automatic cleaning. Malware removal experts in the Emisoft Forum will guide you safely to remove these threats I am speak Turkısh I'm sorry my English is not good C:\WINDOWS\SysWoW64\bthudtask.exe C:\WINDOWS\SysWoW64\pla.dll C:\WINDOWS\SysWoW64\Windows.UI.CredDialogController.dll
  11. I am working on a PC that keeps turning BITS off every few days. I have followed the recommendations from Microsoft Answer but it is still stopping every few days. Could there be an infection? https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_vista-security/background-intelligent-transfer-bits-will-not/ff0940c1-288e-4b82-b534-ae252d445309
  12. As I had seen users in EEK forum mentioning unsigned drivers I thought I would try an replicate it. I downoaded 6971 on Win 10 64 bit and got these 2 screenshots. EEk opened when I clicked on the 'start emergency scanner' No debug logs were produced as Emsisoft logging said I had turned it off I have provided the logs saying this in this thread here https://support.emsisoft.com/topic/26889-debug-logging/
  13. Installed 6971 on Win 10 64bit and updated it, then changed to beta updates and updated. All went well with GUI and scans. (still absolutely hate the 'not responding' on the installer..it looks so unprofessional)
  14. Two Desktops and 1 VM updated automatically. So far so good
  15. In Windows Event Viewer under 'System' logs at each boot it shows 2 errors Event ID 7009 ''Description: A timeout was reached (30000 milliseconds) while waiting for the Emsisoft Protection Service service to connect.'' Event ID 7000 ''Description: The Emsisoft Protection Service service failed to start due to the following error: The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion.'' The effect of these 2 errors is that at boot there is a time of about 20-30 seconds where there is only a black screen with a cursor. I also reported
  16. EAM updated to this build this morning on Win 7 then I turned laptop off. Rebooted again just now and noticed 2 errors in event viewer about Emsi service not starting in a timely manner. Debug logs plus 2 event viewer errors in attached zip a2guard_20170224124622(2556).zip
  17. Hi, I was asked to have a look at a computer that running slow and that wouldn't run malwarebytes. So I started off with running Junk removal tool and it removed quite a lot of junk from the machine. I then downloaded EEK which brought the error in the attached image then when it does eventually load when i click scan after the update the scan takes around 2-5 seconds. the hard drive has about 20 gigs worth of data on it. Something just doesn't seem right and i can't pin point it. Addition.txt FRST.txt scan_170216-121819.txt
  18. Got .MERRY approx 2 weeks ago. Caught it part-way through it's process, and deleted the .exe files which had propagated 11,000+ times. Your software (and a couple of others) did not find the virus any more. Your decrypter saved MONTHS of work, and decrypted the files. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Since then, MSWord had been having some problems when it tried to locate a .dot file (for example when I wanted to insert page numbers). I was trying to find time to re-install MSWord. Also, approximately 1x/day, computer would restart with "Blue Screen of Death" (I'm sorr
  19. Hello, I have a VBS Error Popup each couple of minutes and Its so annoying! Cant work on the computer with this I tried to run Full scan with EIS But It detecs nothing. I've attached an Image here please view It!
  20. When I was using Firefox to open an online training site that I signed up for through the Metro Tucson Chamber of Commerce, I was redirected to another site-Chinese Merchandise. Then, when I tried to open the site again, I got an animated porn site. I immediately closed the browser and ran an Emsisoft scan but nothing came up. I have run the programs and attached the files you requested. The site opened successfully in Chrome. Log scan_170123-214921.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt
  21. After starting the computer Emsisoft was starting a scheduled scan. But when arriving on 82% the scan stopped and didn't progress. I'm unable to stop the scan even when closing the interface. After reopening the interface the scheduled scan apears to be stuck ad 82%. Unable to start new scan. I use build with the new BB engine, Beta enabled See logs and picture Logs.zip
  22. Big bugs in the update package size of I've installed version EMSISOFT IS I got within three days I checked the update package size. The first day about 24 MB. The second day is about 42 MB. The third day is about 49.5 MB. Why does this update package size is too much. I updated version of the high volume of daily 11 EMSISOFT the problem I had, and I support the report, but the company did not fix it. There is also the problem now in version 12. Please make this big problem. (Total size of the database BitDefender Antivirus is published on a weekly basis is about
  23. Can someone help me.. My grandpa`s computer is infected with some kind of Russian virus.. Cant seem to find any information on the internet, and runned several scans and deleted it. But it keeps coming back.. Before I didnt even have internet but i fixed that.
  24. Hi I ran CCleaner to complete the final steps of my earlier support case on this forum. I keep the preview pane in Thunderbird turned off to prevent messages showing that might be infected. After running CCleaner, the reading pane was showing when I opened Thunderbird. (I hadn’t unchecked the Thunderbird options in CCleaner.) In case the reading pane showed an infected email, I’d be grateful if one of your experts would put my mind at rest and check these logs. scan_170207-220811.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  25. My Computer has been encrypted...paid the ransom buy never got a decrypt key..really hope to get the data back. Scan 12.29.2016.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
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