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  1. Hi, I really like your products, but they are only partially translated into my language, so here I leave the translation update to Portuguese Portugal (pt-pt). Best Regards. pt-pt.lng
  2. Hi Frank Both of my desktops auto updated to 7035, and I didn't even notice. Successful update on both Win 7x64 machines.
  3. Win 7 smooth autoupdate to 7035 Did a reboot afterwards to see if update was still there....it was Notice the first scan in a windows session takes twice the time as it does later in the same session. This is on a hard drive not SSD
  4. EAM on Win 7. After autoupdating to a new build I always do a malware scan. It took 15 minutes I think I will do a reboot and try again.
  5. Regarding this issue here http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/25354-update-slide-issue/ I also noticed that if you are doing an EAM malware scan with the GUI on screen, and an update slide appears, the slide does not disappear until the scan is finished. Is this expected behaviour?
  6. EIS Windows 10 Home Version 1607 OS Build 14393.447 Shadow Defender EIS update freezes in Shadow Defender Shadow Mode. a2guard CPU will remain at approximately 15 %. This issue was caught "on-the-fly" so I collected an a2guard memory dump using Windows task manager. a2guard task manager memory dump attached. a2guard.7z
  7. Using a Lenovo X230 Win7 64bit. Friday morning, working normally. Closed screen. In the afternoon, computer would not come alive. I berated myself for not using the Winkey+L for shut down. Rebooted. I was surprised that an error options menu did not appear as on the desktop whenever I cut the power. Got as far as the user choices, then the pw for a user. After a minute or so, the hdd light stopped blinking. There followed over six hours of work. Delighted, Lenovo had included the Recovery Mode. Tried autorecovery. Saw the details, there was nothing to fix. Tried system restore, that f
  8. All went well and malware scan time is normal.
  9. Just a quick pointer to here http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/25784-corruptmissing-user-profile/#entry163210
  10. The title says it all. After auto update of EIS to 6936 on Win10 Pro x64, manually ran a malware scan. Halfway through tried to stop it, then pause it. Hitting those buttons multiple times had no effect -- though pressing "Pause" did toggle the display to "Resume" and back again, but had no effect on the actual scan. Shut down and restarted EIS several times and reran scan. Same behavior. Can others duplicate this (mis)behavior?
  11. On Win 7 went from 6508 to 6954. Update went really well, did it twice to get to new build of 12. I like the GUI. Even harder for people to find build number now!! Same problem as with new build of EAM... malware scan is going so slow through C\Windows \Installer it is barely moving at all
  12. EAM...Win 7.....6828 (Fresh stable install from website ) Installed and it did the manual updates thing during the install. I enabled beta updates and left all update settings at default... every hour. Just wondered why it then did an auto update 30 minutes later, or is that expected ?
  13. Hi Orlando I have one more Bug for you see my picture into the black circle With best Regards Mops21 logs.zip
  14. Hi I set my EIS update setting like image 1. EIS must update only at 4:00 but as you see in image 2 logs show something else and EIS update outside the time I choose. I think this issue exists on V11 too. thank you.
  15. EIS Windows 10 Home Version 1607 OS Build 14393.477 Reboot system > double-click EIS tray icon > GUI will open offset (partially off screen at bottom and right side) to the lower right corner of display It does not happen every single time, but instead most of the time Same happened in
  16. Hi Can you check the Crash Dump Files please https://www.sendspace.com/file/8cmc99 With best Regards Mops21
  17. Hi Is this normal when a Component of Emsisoft Anti-Malware 12 updated and the Prog will restart the Application it will not reload it Ist das normal sobald eine Komponente geupdated wird das das Programm dann nicht neugestartet wird und checkt auch mal das Verhalten das beim Neustarten das beim Updatevorgang die Balken mit den weißen und schwarzen Balken nicht weiterläuft da er stehen bleibt With best Regards Mops21 logs.zip
  18. long time user of Emsisoft Emergency Kit so is there a new version of Emsisoft Emergency Kit yet "beta for testing" ?
  19. EIS At the moment I do not have VMWare set up to fully explore the consequences, but I have noticed that a user can create block rules in Application Rules for critical Windows processes such as: ntoskernel.exe smss.exe csrss.exe winlogon.exe services.exe lsass.exe Simply reporting my observation.
  20. As the title said, once EIS is installed all chrome extensions crash. - Win10 Home x64 - Chrome x64 latest Found the issue : i had enabled Appcontainer in Chrome (chrome://flags/#enable-appcontainer), EIS seems to be incompatible with it (surely because its injected module). However, it doesn't create issue with Edge which uses Appcontainer mechanism as well.
  21. As said in the title, something on my PC is opening this web page : http://insightlk.com/download/index.php?mn=9995 Even if it is closed, it'd come back in a few minutes time. Below are my attached FRST and addition files. Thank you Addition_23-11-2016 21.19.34.txt FRST_23-11-2016 21.19.34.txt
  22. Win 7 EAM 6936 If I pause protection for 10 minutes and then reboot just after a couple of minutes, I get an Audit Failure in the Windows Event Viewer under Security log. Event ID 6281 system integrity. If I pause protection and wait the 10 minutes for EAM protection to start. I do not see this audit failure. If I reboot normally without pausing protection and rebooting I do not see this audit failure. Is this audit failure something I should expect to see if rebooting when EAM protection is paused ? I see the error message mentions a2hooks64.dll I can reproduce this
  23. Windows 7 EAM after smooth autoupdate. I see speed of scans is listed as one of the improvements. Is it talking about the first scan in a Windows session or the subsequent scans in the same Windows session? I ask because my first scan in this session with new beta took just as long as it did in the previous beta. (not solid state disk)
  24. Using Win 10 found a small protection status glitch. From taskbar right-click option I shut down protection. Then in Task Manager I killed Emsi Protection Service ( I run with self protection disabled) Then after a minute or so I started EAM again using desktop icon. GUI reports file guard is off, taskbar right-click status says it is on. I had to click on it in GUI to get it to turn green, opening and shutting GUI wouldn't enable it.
  25. In the Application Rules list if I try to type anything in the search bar, the keyboard presses are not reflected immediately but in a slow-motion fashion, the a2start.exe process will spike at 25% CPU usage and EIS will not respond at all until all keyboard presses are acknowledged and completed. This happens whether "Hide fully trusted applications" is on or off. Searches in other UI lists seem to perform better (Surf Protection, Behavior Blocker).
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