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  1. Hello! Emsisoft Internet Security Beta consumes a lot of memory to work with. When scanning a computer processor load reaches 100%, memory more than 1 GB.
  2. EIS Windows 10 Home Version 1607 OS Build 14393.477 Select any file or shortcut on desktop > right-click > select "Scan with Emsisoft Internet Security" > Overview tab graphics will "flash" for a brief moment before Scan tab appears Same issue happened in
  3. What time must pass before EAM will say ''Software is out of date... Your computer is partially protected'' ?
  4. Member HAWKI has posted about a popup he gets http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/25662-whats-this-about/#entry162243 I can replicate this and have attached debug logs in case it is an issue or something which is expected. a2service_20161110074501(1620).zip
  5. If there are no modules for downloading (according to the logs) does the update slide appear showing that fact? Also should the last update time on the GUI show that an update has just been done (even though there were no modules for downloading) ?
  6. EAM Win 7 6762 When update slide appears, if I move my cursor over it when the blue progress bar is moving along the slide, it stops the progress bar and restarts it. I do not have to click, I just move my cursor onto the slide and it will restart the progress bar as many times as I move the cursor over it.
  7. Hey, two times, the software updates of eis 12 led to windows freezes. First time: Update of engine and language-packages. Second time: Update up to version The shut-down was only possible by using the power-button. Edit: After restart, everything seems to be well. There are no further informations available, like logs or windows-notifications. Thanks Castor
  8. Win7 EAM. 6821 I have had this happen twice now. Each time it was after a system boot after a new beta update. Desktop is sort of generic with some missing icons and Windows Event Viewer shows... ''Windows cannot load classes registry file. DETAIL - The system cannot find the file specified.'' Event ID 1542 If I do a reboot all is well. It has happened after the last 2 beta builds. I noticed that only a2service starts when this happens, not a2guard. I am attaching the logs from when it happened half an hour ago. It may be nothing to do with EAM but that is all
  9. Installed newly released version BETA onto Windows 10 anniversary edition and with EAM active, it appears that OneDrive is blocked from signing in on standard user Microsoft account. If you refer to OneDrive notification icon on taskbar it will show that OneDrive is not signed in automatically. Uninstall BETA and return to using Windows Defender within Microsoft standard user account, OneDrive automatically signs in and is reflected as such on taskbar notifications.
  10. Emsisofts Installer gets stuck after finishing the installation inside VmWare as soon as the green bar is filled up. Rebooting or relogging ends up in Emsiosft not starting for the reason being of an error code 1059 that a Ring Service Independence was set up. Host OS: Windows 10 Home Insider Build 14915 Guest OS: Windows 10 Pro 1607 Latest updates VmWare Workstation 12.5.0 build-4352439 Any workaround for this yet?
  11. Went to install V12 on my 2nd win7 x64 Desktop. Total failure. I spent three hours and couldn't get the update to work. Kept getting server connection failure.
  12. silat


    EIS is giving me a problem. Yes I backed up before I installed:) First it told me I needed a hotfix. So I installed it. During install it told me I had Oracle Virtual Box. I do not. Then I restarted and the service will not start even if I manually try to start it. Any ideas? Win 7 Pro 64
  13. File was detected by behavior blocker and auto-quarantined. Later, due to my submission, it's verdict was changed to Safe. But, after re-scanning the quarantine, EAM reports there are no false positives. This entries should be automatically purged in such cases.
  14. Is there no way some text can be added so a user know the scan is actually working? When doing a context menu scan of C from Explorer, there is a long wait where a user may think nothing is happening. Perhaps adding ''enumerating files-please wait' or something may be an idea.
  15. EAM ..Win 7...6799 Open a log (update or scan log) Select the 'clear' button at bottom. What it says doesn't really make sense in English.
  16. EAM.... Win 7....6821 Did a clean install of EAM after uninstalling and also running Emsi Clean. Install went smoothly, I was asked for license key during install and after updates defs went in I was asked via the slide to do a computer restart. After the restart I was asked to do everything again...license key checking for defs.. I had the old way of debug logging still enabled, so I have attached the logsin case you are interested in them. a2service_20161018160306(3712).zip
  17. Hi guys. In Protection- Behaviour Blocker - in the bottom (menu Show an alert), only first option is in Spanish language (mostrar una alerta). Rest of options are in catalan language. Correct translation is: - Mostrar una alerta - Permitirlo siempre - Utilizar siempre la opción recomendada - Ponerlo siempre en cuarentena
  18. As in version 11, if I add a folder in the "Exclude from monitoring" list, all programs (.exe processes) that are inside that folder and its subfolders will still be reported as Monitored ('Yes') in the Protection/Behavior Blocker list. The only way to *not* have all processes inside a single folder -and its subfolders- monitored is to add them one by one in the Exclude from monitoring list. Folder exclusion seems to only work for scanning, not monitoring (same problem in v11).
  19. Hi When I click on These things see my Picture it does not work for me With best Regards Mops21 logs.zip
  20. Hi all On my picture can you see 2 Numbers 1. Is this place for the Infobox are right so 2. I have no Icon in the Systray Can you check these please With best Regards Mops21 logs.zip
  21. EAM win 7 6799 After autoupdate to this new build the main GUI did not show the beta build number as the other builds had done. I had to click on the x in the details/licence area under the Scan panel to get it to show. Is this by design now? I hope not !!!
  22. Hmmm.....when performing an update after computer's first boot today, nothing happened. Beta was not updated (I have beta feed enabled). After restart, it was updated but I received no info popup about new version and application restart. Interesting, update log shows all modules were updated correctly. logs.zip logs2.zip update log.txt
  23. Beta builds installers copyright info is outdated. Right-click.... properties....details tab. Says 2003 - 2015
  24. Sorry if this has already been asked about.... I download a malicious file and it is detected. In a popup, there is Settings link and when I press it EAM GUI opens at Surf Protection card. Isn't it more logical to open File Guard card cause the file was detected by that protection module?
  25. Striving for perfection... EAM on Windows 7 HomePremium SP1 x64 1.jpg: Quarantine tab: In description text there is a double space between words "Delete" and "to" 2.jpg: Settings tab: Under Configuration, there is a small misalignment of "Edit application rules" line (to the right)
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