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  1. EAM.... Win 7....6821 Did a clean install of EAM after uninstalling and also running Emsi Clean. Install went smoothly, I was asked for license key during install and after updates defs went in I was asked via the slide to do a computer restart. After the restart I was asked to do everything again...license key checking for defs.. I had the old way of debug logging still enabled, so I have attached the logsin case you are interested in them. a2service_20161018160306(3712).zip
  2. Hi guys. In Protection- Behaviour Blocker - in the bottom (menu Show an alert), only first option is in Spanish language (mostrar una alerta). Rest of options are in catalan language. Correct translation is: - Mostrar una alerta - Permitirlo siempre - Utilizar siempre la opción recomendada - Ponerlo siempre en cuarentena
  3. As in version 11, if I add a folder in the "Exclude from monitoring" list, all programs (.exe processes) that are inside that folder and its subfolders will still be reported as Monitored ('Yes') in the Protection/Behavior Blocker list. The only way to *not* have all processes inside a single folder -and its subfolders- monitored is to add them one by one in the Exclude from monitoring list. Folder exclusion seems to only work for scanning, not monitoring (same problem in v11).
  4. Hi When I click on These things see my Picture it does not work for me With best Regards Mops21 logs.zip
  5. Hi all On my picture can you see 2 Numbers 1. Is this place for the Infobox are right so 2. I have no Icon in the Systray Can you check these please With best Regards Mops21 logs.zip
  6. EAM win 7 6799 After autoupdate to this new build the main GUI did not show the beta build number as the other builds had done. I had to click on the x in the details/licence area under the Scan panel to get it to show. Is this by design now? I hope not !!!
  7. Hmmm.....when performing an update after computer's first boot today, nothing happened. Beta was not updated (I have beta feed enabled). After restart, it was updated but I received no info popup about new version and application restart. Interesting, update log shows all modules were updated correctly. logs.zip logs2.zip update log.txt
  8. Beta builds installers copyright info is outdated. Right-click.... properties....details tab. Says 2003 - 2015
  9. Sorry if this has already been asked about.... I download a malicious file and it is detected. In a popup, there is Settings link and when I press it EAM GUI opens at Surf Protection card. Isn't it more logical to open File Guard card cause the file was detected by that protection module?
  10. Striving for perfection... EAM on Windows 7 HomePremium SP1 x64 1.jpg: Quarantine tab: In description text there is a double space between words "Delete" and "to" 2.jpg: Settings tab: Under Configuration, there is a small misalignment of "Edit application rules" line (to the right)
  11. I was unable to do anything on my PC (an -older- Intel 3 GHz Core 2 Duo) while performing a custom scan which took 100% of the CPU resources. Can you please restore the old behavior where I can still use my PC while scanning in the background?
  12. See attached screenshots. 2 separate vendor beta programs, "similar", if not identical, engines.
  13. Hi all When I click on scan and click on the Detail scan and in the scanprocess on cancel it won't be canceled why Please check this With best Regards Mops21 Hallo ihr Wenn ich auf scan klicke und dann auf Detail scan klicke und dann während des Scans auf Abbrechen klicke so wird der Scan nicht abgebrochen Bitte checkt das mal MfG Mops21 logs.zip
  14. Hi all See my Picture for my new Issue or a Bug please https://www.sendspace.com/file/5amur8 With best Regards Mops21
  15. Turned on Win 7 machine. EAM autoupdated and I pressed restart now on the update slide to close and restart EAM Got a GUI to enter license key and an application error report box to fill in and send to you. (a2start EEDFADE) Filled in information and pressed send. Then got another error GUI with 'Call to MiniDumpWriteDump failed' Sorted out the license key thing and all seems well at the moment. Debug logs and screenshots attached. (noticed that minidump that it said it didn't send is in logs) A2GUARD_20161018064755(984).zip
  16. Hello there! I have a small question. I know when Emsisoft has been installed Windows defender is disabled. But when restarting my computer it takes a long time(about 30 seconds to 1 minute) before defender is disabled again. I even use a SSD and i7 but still i takes that long. Is this process going to improve?
  17. To help me understand things a bit better can someone explain why I get the results that I do results here http://www.amtso.org/feature-settings-check-for-desktop-solutions/ Only .zip and ,jar files result in an Emsi warning on the compressed malware test Pup test works but Phishing doesn't. Does Emsi follow all the Amtso standards or is there more to it that that?
  18. In a few places of the interface, multiple selections are not allowed and item deletion can be tedious with large numbers of entries. (Application Rules list, Surf Protection list, Exclusion lists)
  19. Yesterday, after I made an update from stable EAM v11 to the latest beta v12, I have noticed that my File Guard setting changed from Balanced to Thorough. Can anyone confirm, please?
  20. To my mild surprise, this morning EIS automatically updated from v. 11. x x x to v. under Win10 x64 -- surprise because I thought the upgrade from v. 11 to v. 12 required the user's affirmative decision and manual download of the installer, even with beta updates enabled. But that's not my main point. While exploring the new GUI, it froze at the screen shown in the title above. As the attached screenshot shows, the edit window was incompletely drawn and showed no controls on the right side of the title bar. An attempt to clear the screen by "Shut down protection" failed. The only way to clear the frozen screen, short of rebooting, was to (alt-ctrl-delete) log off and log back on again to cause explorer.exe and the desktop to reload. After the one-time freeze, I couldn't duplicate the problem. No logs, since this was an unexpected upgrade.
  21. When I manually make an on-demand scan of some random files, all these files are shown in Scan-Custom Scan box. Also, there are only "Add folder" & "Remove folder" buttons but actually files are shown.
  22. When starting the interface for the first time, after starting the pc or closing and restarting the interface of Emsisoft, the loading bar of the re-scan option will be miss placed. See picture 1 to see the miss placed loading bar See picture 2 to see the correct loading bar location After the second try the loading bar will be placed as seen on picture 2
  23. Right click on tray icon. There is a "Host rules" option that opens "Surf Protection" card. Maybe it would be good to rename "Host rules" to "Surf protection"? Application rules opens Application Rules.
  24. Every time a click on a link in EAM 12 Beta, Edge is opened and not the default browser. Win10
  25. Is it possible to have a button to remove or select all permissions of a user depending on current status? Will help users with multiple accounts that only want the admin to control the application. Thanks and sorry if this is the wrong forum for suggestions.
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