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  1. EAM on Win 7 beta 6731. Noticed it on earlier builds but didn't manage to get a screenshot of it before now. After boot and when desktop is reached, open GUI from taskbar. Select Protection... Behavior Blocker. Blank screen with two Activate Behavior Blocker lines. After that instance the Window behaves normally during the Windows Session. After next boot I can see the same thing again on first access of GUI.
  2. Emsisoft Internet Security: In Windows 10 14393.187 version can not disable windows defender. And for both windows defender and Emsisoft Internet Security are active. Please make sure that Emsisoft Internet Security can completely disable windows defender to make the taskbar icon does not appear in the windows Defender. You should install Emsisoft Internet Security, windows defender completely disabled. Now both come up with the speed of the system is reduced.
  3. Win 7 EAM beta 6723 Old issue that I have had before with Paint and Explorer. Went to take screenshot of GUI issue and Paint froze. EAM sevice log attached. Event happened at 12.33pm. a2service_20160922123221(2480).log
  4. Win 10 EAM build 6746 The referrals page (accessesed via the 'loveheart' on the top right of GUI) Is the way that the price at the bottom of page shown because of my screen size ....1280x1024....or because of a web page error?
  5. I have tried the latest EIS version. I Think Notification in the right corner of the taskbar.
  6. My computer froze (couldn't do anything at all, only the mouse was responding/moving) directly after installing EIS v12 Beta and getting past the initial scan. Otherwise, it seems to be running fine. I might be throwing Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware Beta tonight in the mix to see what happens though.
  7. I uninstalled v11 of Emsisoft Internet Security in Safe Mode via Apps & Features, then run EmsiClean followed by a second reboot prior to installing v12. However EIS v12 was unable to launch, and it gave me an error message stating that it was unable to connect with the protection service. So I had to uninstall v12. If there is some kind of log I can get for this I would gladly do it, but for now I do not know if there is anything I can provide.
  8. I saw some new rules for Firewall. Could you inform me what has chanced in V12 for the Firewall?
  9. Hello Emsi Team, here is a very new Video, that tested from a well known and good tester the new V12 Beta. In the Result of this video u can see, that Emsisoft has not detected a Ransom. Now i would love to ask how that can be? Cause specially your new BB is trained to detect all forms of ransom ware. Maybe i would be good if u get into kontakt to the hoster and let you get the sample and test it yourself. has u an answer why the ransom is not detected? Thanks in advance. Chris
  10. When hover over buttons in the interface sometimes the buttons wil flicker a lot. See video for example. It's just a small detail but I have seen this for a long time now. Is it known? And is it solvable? Like the new option to set a location for the notification alert . for now I didn't encountered any technical problems on the three computer with V12. Looking good. Buttons flicker.zip
  11. Greetings -- Any explanation how/why on my dual boot Win10 PC (x86 + x64), yesterday afternoon my x86 EIS automatically updated from v. to v. Then subsequently on the x64 side EIS continued to update definitions only (after the firewall component update earlier in the day). Both are set to allow beta updates. Also, completely unrelated, every attempt to view attachments to posts (in the beta forum only) produce an error message: "Sorry, you don't have permission for that!" What's the problem here?
  12. Hi, EIS 12 BETA. bad position for update messages "right (H) and center (V)". Thank You!
  13. Using EAM 6728 on Win 7 In GUI go to Settings...Permissions. Is the default restricted user listed the one that is logged in ? (me, the only user on this machine ?) If it is, and I untick 'Enable/Disable surf protection'' why am I allowed to then disable surf protection?
  14. When a malicious website is blocked you see a pop-up. Standard the website will be blocked, but you have two option to choose from. Should it not be made more difficult to click on the option "Do not block this". Maybe see a option Always block this and a slide option like "More options". When pressing "More options" you see the "Do not Block this" option as well. Should not be made more difficult to click on the option "Do not block this" . Maybe see a option Always block this and a slide option like " More options " . When pressing " More options " then you see the "Do not Bloc
  15. Using EAM 6716 beta on Win 7 SeaMonkey sandboxed. Old issue I guess, but still annoying, privacy risk settings don't work when using Sandboxie on in 7. Unsandboxed it is blocked
  16. Win 7 EAM 6723 beta Why does Behavior Blocker appear when you select Protection tab? Appears whether GUI is in full screen mode or not.
  17. I used Unchecky as a tool for costumers to prevent unwanted programs. I don't know if you know about this tool but it's free and easy to use. Website: https://unchecky.com/ Is it a idea to implement a look a like feature in Emsisoft products in the future?
  18. If I select a silent scheduled scan should the update slide still slide out?
  19. Hello!I use Emsisoft IS 12 in russian language.And I noticed some bugs.Notification of an update is not translated.And the word of exclusions do not translated.I attached screenshots.
  20. Hi, Is it correct that show attach file for Emsisoft Internet Security? Thank You!
  21. The final version was released 12 emsisoft what time? Is version 11 to version 12 is expandable?
  22. After Emsisoft Anti-Malware Network, smaller screens like Untitled.png. Then I closed the windows and opened another, smaller screens like Untitled1.png. Windows 7 SP1 32bit
  23. Win 10 pro build 1607 Fast boot disabled. Uninstalled version 11 and rebooted. Ran Emsiclean which said nothing found, but as usual all logs, reports etc were still in ProgramData. Deleted them Install of version 12 was quick and painless. As I have a licence I entered that instead of using trial. On overview Game mode is stuck there (see screenshot) but I expect you know this. Shows as partial protection until first scan is done ? Did a malware scan. It found my usual Eicar test file. See screenshot of Task manager while scan was running. Oh, and by the way, t
  24. I iinstalled 12 on one of my win 7 machines. Install went fine, and it is up and running. I imported all my settings and the all took in the correct places. Network LAN is working as it should. It all looks good. Pete
  25. When you "fly over" the buttons Quick scan and costum scan you see them lighting up. Bit Malware scan doesn't work. I have a short video attached. effect down.zip
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