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  1. Win 7 EAM 6723 beta Why does Behavior Blocker appear when you select Protection tab? Appears whether GUI is in full screen mode or not.
  2. I used Unchecky as a tool for costumers to prevent unwanted programs. I don't know if you know about this tool but it's free and easy to use. Website: https://unchecky.com/ Is it a idea to implement a look a like feature in Emsisoft products in the future?
  3. If I select a silent scheduled scan should the update slide still slide out?
  4. Hello!I use Emsisoft IS 12 in russian language.And I noticed some bugs.Notification of an update is not translated.And the word of exclusions do not translated.I attached screenshots.
  5. Hi, Is it correct that show attach file for Emsisoft Internet Security? Thank You!
  6. The final version was released 12 emsisoft what time? Is version 11 to version 12 is expandable?
  7. After Emsisoft Anti-Malware Network, smaller screens like Untitled.png. Then I closed the windows and opened another, smaller screens like Untitled1.png. Windows 7 SP1 32bit
  8. Win 10 pro build 1607 Fast boot disabled. Uninstalled version 11 and rebooted. Ran Emsiclean which said nothing found, but as usual all logs, reports etc were still in ProgramData. Deleted them Install of version 12 was quick and painless. As I have a licence I entered that instead of using trial. On overview Game mode is stuck there (see screenshot) but I expect you know this. Shows as partial protection until first scan is done ? Did a malware scan. It found my usual Eicar test file. See screenshot of Task manager while scan was running. Oh, and by the way, the debug logging from the bat file still works in 12 Surf protection still doesn't seem to work for me But other than that everything is working really well at the moment.
  9. I iinstalled 12 on one of my win 7 machines. Install went fine, and it is up and running. I imported all my settings and the all took in the correct places. Network LAN is working as it should. It all looks good. Pete
  10. When you "fly over" the buttons Quick scan and costum scan you see them lighting up. Bit Malware scan doesn't work. I have a short video attached. effect down.zip
  11. Hello Emsisoft Staff, i didnt post for a long time cause i was very busy but yesterday i decided to nuke Avast Premier and try out Emsisoft IS on my main machine (VM will follow when i have time to Upgrade the Windows Insider Build and when i have time to download an english Windows 10 ISO Image of the new 1607 Release. But so far its running alot more performant than with Avast also yet waiting for total network breakdowns (keeping in mind the network up here is very unstable anyway) but no 23 times resets of the network adapter yet as far as im aware. No Emsisoft crashes yet either so good work so far Now for the rest with enhanced PUP Protection and ransomware etc. i have to set up a VM today or tomorrow to test it deeper and also the new alerts system.
  12. Hi, 1. In the past, We could add files to the quarantine directly by drag and drop. 2. In the past, We could send suspicious file from quarantine for analyze. (Submitted column is available yet) Thank You
  13. hi i unistall ver 11 and install ver 12 from EIM database in version 11 is 8.432.000 but in EIM 12 is 6.998.000 !!! Correct this ?
  14. Did just make some test with the whitelist features. Very nice to see wildcards! At this step it is a little bit annoying to add new entries as you at least has to enter one folder and then you are able to alter the path clicking the new entry. But for me this is more a cosmetic issue. Now to the main topic. As i did not find a pop-up or other info i assume the exclude options disables/excludes from all on-demand (scheduled), on-access (realtime) and behavior blocker in contrast to exclude from monitoring only means on-access and behavior blocker leaving on-demand active. Also noticed that excluding for example putty.exe does not remove the Behavior Blocker Hooks DLL as it was in EAM11. Is it possible to exclude injecting these DLLs in some rare case that an applications crashes while using behavior blocker? Is it also possible or planned to use an behavior blocker only whitelist as i find it important to have at least realtime protection and do not want to exlude all checks? For example we have a large admin maintained install share where a lot of software installers are placed, some of them will trigger an behavior blocker alert. We have whitelisted this folder in EAM (using ECC) but only from behavior blocker which is possible in EAM11. So our automated installations run fine but we have at least some kind of protection if we unintentional upload a malware to this share.
  15. My browser automatically opens a suspicious site which gets detected by my antivirus software and gets blocked every time. It opens randomly at anytime even when the browser is closed. please help me with this problem as I am afraid this might be a potential malware.
  16. Greetings! My computer and hard discs are fully infected with Cerber version 1. I've stopped the process but the encrypted files needs to be decrypted. I have noticed strange behavoir before full infection, but as the ransomware disguised itself as chrome update or so, it was look alike, like microsoft forced or wrong update. I tried TrendMicro: Ransomware File Decryptor, but every time, during progress it closed itself, without any notice or effort on the files. How and when can i decrypt my files? Thank you! Addition.txt FRST.txt Scan_160806-200124.txt
  17. This Windows 10 Home PC was brought to me because of popup ads. Prior to being directed to the forum, I ran MBAM and quarantined about 1,100 objects, and ran EEK and quarantined 56 objects. These runs were in Safe Mode because the PC would not install software when booted normally. EEK reported "The following objects were not removed for your own safety: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DNSAPI.dll C:\WINDOWS\SysWOW64\dnsapi.dll" At this point I stopped, found the forum, and followed the directions in START HERE. 1. Booted in Normal mode. 2. Ran EEK from C:\EEK, Update, Malware Scan, scan only. 3. Ran FRST64 from flash drive. After clicking Yes on disclaimer, FRST64 posted a window reading "Application Error Exception EAccessViolation in module ERUNT.exe at 00003A62. Access violation at address 00403A62 in module 'ERUNT.EXE'. Read of address 0069005C." Clicked OK. FRST64 posted a window reading "Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (x64) Version: 11-08-2016 01 Failed to update (4)" Clicked OK. Clicked Scan. Scan completed. Logs for these runs enclosed. Let me know if you want the logs from the runs that took place before I came to the forum. Cheers! Edward Addition.txt FRST.txt scan_160811-110353.txt
  18. Windows becomes unresponsive as soon as EAM starts to load (on boot) and if left long enough some of the EAM Interface graphic will appear (takes hours). If I boot in safe mode, disable EAM and reboot Windows works normally. I have tried uninstalling / reinstalling EAM and get the same problem. Event logs show an error "the program a2guard.exe version stopped interacting with windows and was closed". System is Windows 10 home 64 bit. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  19. Greetings, As the title says it automatically opens a link which the redirects me to shorte.st which redirects me to some symantec page on forum. My browser has only 2 extensions which I have been using all my life and none other. I first though it opens the shortening url page then redirects me to symantec forum page but when I look at my history I saw another link before that one: http://insightlk.com/download/download.php?mn=9995 Even if the browser is closed it will open the browser and then the link (google chrome cause it's default one I guess). Thanks in advance. Addition.txt FRST.txt scan_160626-161309.txt
  20. Hi! Yesterday I believe it was I was prompted by EIS to re-boot the software to load new modules I believe it was. I did this and then a message came up saying there were either missing and/or broken components to my current EIS program and that I needed to download a new copy. I uninstalled EIS, and re-booted. I then have a saved copy of Emsiclean, so I clicked on the desktop icon which stated that nothing was left from Emsisoft programs. I then re-booted again, went to the EIS site and was able to download a new copy of the latest version. I had to reset everything in EIS to the way it was manually as my settings were not carried over. The program seems to be working fine now, as my other version was going like 7 hours sometimes between updates (have set for every 1.5), which I thought might be Emsisoft server issues. Anyway, I use password protection so I activated that feature. I am the only one with an administrative account, and I deactivate the majority of Emsisoft control setting/adjustment features once I set my program settings to where I want them. This results in their "greying out" so as to become set and unadjustable on EIS. Well when I closed the EIS program and re-opened it, on a few occasions now, when I go to file guard, I am able to change the settings, as they are not greyed out. Once I do, they then turn grey and unadjustable. I don't know if this is a known glitch, or not. I don't want to return log files, but was just wondering. Thanks
  21. W8.1, 64-bit, reinstalling EIS v11.7.0.6394, as advised in: http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/20057-possible-virtual-memory-problem-with-a2serviceexe/ I did a very thorough uninstall of EIS, several restarts, ran the Emsi diagnostic .bat file several times - before uninstall, during and after, and also made full registry backups before, during and after. I used Emsiclean to get rid of registry entries not removed by the ordinary installer. During the following install (using an installer I downloaded at 1356 on 20160519, it all went well until it tried to contact your servers to get uptodate signatures, when it said it couldn't connect. I ran your diagnostic .bat file at that point and all three of its traceroutes worked fine, and with similar routes & timings to the tracerts done before I started the uninstall. I continued on past this stage. When EIS started at the end of the install, the GUI showed up in orange saying the product was out of date. I noted at that point that ping/tracert issued from a command window failed (as I'd found several months ago, discussed at: http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/19819-new-to-eis-and-dont-understand-why-an-app-is-being-blocked/ ). As was true then, I have Windows set up thinking that I'm always (even at home) using a public network. Previously I'd eventually told EIS to set itself up as a Priivate network, so that ping etc issued from a command window would work. So I tried to do that again. I didn't work. Even with a reboot, and despite the 'Manage Networks' option "Use Windows settings for new connections" being unset, and "Category for new connections" being set to: Private network, the top part of the display still says that EIS thinks I'm on a Public Network. Before I tried the reboot with those settings, I also tried a slightly less drastic option: I unplugged the LAN cable, turned on debug logging, closed the GUI, reconnected the cable, re-opened the GUI, checked debugging was still on (yes), and went to Manage Networks... and observed the incorrect setting. Then I turned off that debug logging. Do you want those logs? Clicking on 'update now' in the GUI simply produces a message saying it can't connect to the servers.
  22. Hello! This morning my internet service was acting up, believe due to local thunderstorms in the area. EIS was not able to auto-update. When my internet eventually started working, I attempted to do a password necessary manual update. I had the GUI opened. Usually, it will show "Initializing", and it will have a "Gauge" which shows it has activated and doing downloads. Well this time nothing appeared on the GUI. It was inactive. Eventually the downloads successfully completed, and the pop-up alert arose stating it completed. However, no activity on the GUI. It was still showing 10 hours since last update. When I hovered over the Emsisoft symbol in the taskbar, this showed it was now up to date, but not the GUI. I then closed the GUI and re-opened it, and it then appeared to show it was up to date.
  23. Hello, I was infected by malware about 6 weeks ago. After trying numerous programs and a fruitless round of Customer No-Service from Malwarebyes, this insipid piece of evil refuses to stay away once and for all! I thought for the past few days that I may have finally got it out of my hair. I started a trial run of Emsisoft's Anti-Malware and performed a malware scan right away (Those scan results are included in the attachments). It did indeed find the hijacker and I quarantined it-and it's still sitting there. After that, I had no problems at all. But then came today and so I'm back to square one. Even though I've had several hijack occurrences today, the scan results continue to show no infection with either the Emergency Kit or the Anti-Malware scanner. I must add that Malwarebytes Premium has also caught the hijacker soon after it has struck. I almost totally reset Windows trying to finally get rid of it, but my notebook has a lot of bloatware and I'd hate to have to go through all of that, including the increasing mountain of Windows updates as well. Please note that this is my 2nd attempt to post. That damn hijacker took out the 1st one. I just clicked on the screen and the tab I was on abruptly closed on me. Typical hijacker behavior! Thank you, auto save! Rick scan_160211-220441.txt scan_160214-185519.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt
  24. I also just downloaded and installed EEK (v11.0.0.6082) on a flash drive. Upon launching it the first time, I was promped to check for updates and, they too were downloaded and installed. Next, I ran Custom scan that seemed to complete successfully. About that time I got an "error" pop-up from Windows saying: "a device driver was not found/not installed successfully/device unplugged". Buy this time the user interface for EEK had "closed" so, I couldn't check the log to see if anything had been found during the scan. I attempted to re-launch EEK but it would no launch a second time!! I returned to the Newsletter that I accessed the EEK download from and saw a link for "an online version" of EEK. Have I misunderstood something here -- is the fact that I have installed my copy of EEK on a flash/thumb drive mean I cannot get the updates?? Why would I get an error about a device driver (I've been using my USB ports quite regularly with no problem). I'm running Windows 7 and the following security programs: Windows 7 PRO(64bit) SP-1; 16GB RAM Windows Defender Emsisoft Internet Security (malware & firewall) Malwarebytes Home Premium WinPatrol/WinPrivacy/WinAntiRansom Task Catcher (BillP Studios)
  25. Hi I had an update to EIS last night that required a restart and all seemed to go well until I turned my machine on this morning and I then got an Emsisoft error message saying that 'a major problem has prevented the application from starting' (see attached screenshot). I tried couple of reboots but the problem persists - so I thought a reinstall might help. So, I uninstalled EIS and rebooted twice and tried to reinstall but now I get a message saying 'it appears a version of EIS is already installed on your system' (see screenshot) and I can't uninstall it now as it no longer shows in the program list following the uninstall I did earlier. I've checked in Task Manager and the a2 AntiMalware service is showing in a stopped state so it appears the uninstall didn't work properly. I also still had the Emsisoft NDIS packet filter visible and enabled in my wifi adaptor properties - I've since uninstalled this driver and tried to reinstall EIS but the problem still persists - I can't install as it thinks it's already installed. I ran Emsiclean.exe, and closed it without letting it clean up, so that it generated a log file (see attached). Please advise me how to fix this. Thanks Marko EmsiClean_2016.02.05_10.32.24.txt
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