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  1. Sorry I cuoldn't utilize internet on this week, I think you have closed the other topic because I didn't post anything. So now I attach the logs required in the second post. AdwCleanerS0.txt Fixlog.txt JRT.txt
  2. PingPlotter and plain ol tracert and ping can't seem to get out. I have not changed any settings in the firewall screen from the defaults (still trying to understand the layout of this new firewall coming from OA). It did previously show up in the (logs,firewall) log as having automatically added it with "IN/OUT - All Allowed" HOWEVER it didn't work. While this was happening I switched over to cmd prompt and tried tracert both programs show request timed out. I then tried to manually add the program via (Protection, Application rulews) the first time it simply wouldn't add, I went to
  3. hi i am having the same question, when making an online test onli 5-7 ports are stealhed and the rest are only closed. most of the firewalls use to stealth all the ports... besides even tho i set up emsi to be in a private network... other pc are able to read my host name and identify my pc... also for them they are able to reach my pc.... (when making ping to other ports) with other firewalls my pc is not even recognized and the results for all ports is stealhed.... this happens no matter which network i use... i usually go online in my campus and my house
  4. Hi :-) I was getting frequent warnings about EMIS Overwiew Has Shut Down everytime I closed the interface after a scan and occasionally at other times. Though I always believed it to be a false warning, it did make me feel unsure and I often I would restart my PC. I was looking at the Anti-Malware Forum where users there were reporting a similar issue. The suggestion there was to enable Beta Updates because the issue had been fixed in one of those updates. So, I of course enabled Beta Updates in EMIS. Soon thereafter, after surfing the net for several minutes my internet connection clo
  5. this is the final scan from the thread that was just closed with the same topic title . I had run the report and thought I already posted it .a2scan_141205-142714.txt
  6. Hello, This issue has suddenly appeared within the last two weeks; computer is extremely slow, Norton keeps reporting it's blocked various malware, internet is grindingly slow (we're on Verizon DSL) and shutting down the computer is slow as it always says something is running when when we've closed all "visible" programs. My system; Windows 7 Home premium, Service Pack 1 Dell Inspiron 1750 64 bit 2 GHz Norton 360 Messages from Norton and the Computer; Computer - Powershell has stopped working High Disk read usage by Com Surrogate There are more than this but I'm not sure whic
  7. My earlier post was closed because I was away from office for a week but I am back in action. Attached is the Fixlog.txt from running FRST. I also attached the originally requested files.
  8. Yesterday, while I was browsing on the Internet my cpu usage went to 100%, and it stays there. The Resource Monitor showed many dllhost.exe COM Surrogate running. The computer slows to a stand still. I have attempted to find what ever is causing it, but have failed to figure it out. The only way I can "fix" this is to open the resource monitor, click on the process and Suspend it. If I kill the process, it just restarts, and it appears to spin off additional dllhost.exe COM Surrogate's. I do not know if a virus or malware has a hold. Find enclosed: the results of the EMSIso
  9. Was there a problem with the update server betwewen 4:00-7:00 AM this morning? Will EMIS update during a scan? Was running a full scan when I went to bed. Up early at 6:00 AM and noticed there had not been an update in over two hours, I then made several attempts to update manually and received a "could not connect to the update server" response." Eventually I was able to update. If there are no updates available at a time will EMIS report back that it was not able to connect to the server? When I closed the Protection Center GUI I got another of thos warnings that The Protection
  10. I deciced that I would not renew my previous OAP licence having not remembered to check when it expired, also not getting a reminder to renew, to so reverted to the free version. I took the 30 day free trial of OAP, which incidentally did not have a functioning Banking Mode but what the hell because it's not what it used to be.. At the end of the 30 days, I was inveted to try the30 day free trial again. I closed down the window and carried on my merry way round the internet. It wasn't until next day that I noticed that OA free hadn't loaded on boot up. So launched it manually. Since
  11. Last Thursday when I log on to my computer, I hovered my mouse on the Emsisoft internet security icon on hidden icons then It just closed, then the next day action center gave me a message about my antivirus and firewall are off. Whenever I tried clicking on the emsisoft exe it give me that message. Ive only been using this application for like 5 days. please help me
  12. So I'm pretty obsessed with piracy and what not, and after searching around the nets for information Emsisoft seems like the right choice. I'm completely willing to throw down money for it once I tried it fully myself, however I can't get through the installation process, my computer crashes, every other program running on my computer I've hard for months and not one crash. Just to make sure I uninstalled it, oh wait, no I didn't because it crashed/freeze my pc during the uninstall process. After booting into safe mode I uninstalled it successfully then. After that I re downloaded the installe
  13. So i installed Online Armor for a while now and everything is fine except the fact that uses 30%-40% of my CPU I have a i5 4690k and it does not make a difference when running older games and browsing but it does when i run games like BF4 :i dropped 30 FPS because of it(from 80 to 50). Also i closed all the applications(except windows ones) with task manager and it STILL uses 35%. So it would be nice if you guys could fix this issue. Best regards, Michael
  14. i recently installed emsisoft on my computer but whenever i close the emsisoft user interface i get an error by windows saying that emsisoft security center has stopped working and prompts me to close the program i"m in windows vista and says to help protect your computer data execution prevention has closed emsisoft security center click to learn more. i don't know what to do please help.
  15. Emsisoft Emergency Kit - Version 4.0 Last update: 8/4/2014 1:01:35 PM User account: MARK-PC\Kayla Scan settings: Scan type: Smart Scan Objects: Rootkits, Memory, Traces, C:\windows\, C:\Program Files\, C:\Program Files (x86)\ Detect PUPs: On Scan archives: Off ADS Scan: On File extension filter: Off Advanced caching: On Direct disk access: Off Scan start: 8/4/2014 2:01:00 PM C:\windows\System32\Drivers\{a398d4bf-ac93-41b8-983d-d3185c8c4cc1}w64.sys detected: Adware.SwiftBrowse.AZ (B) Scanned 167841 Found 1 Scan end: 8/5/2014 12:50:47 PM Scan time: 22:49:47 Additional scan r
  16. I have an issue in rescanning my Quarantine list, whenever I did a re-scan, there would be a pop up and closed the application. This has last for almost a month.
  17. EMIsoft could not quaratine HKEY_ LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Microsoft/Training/AU_RASAP132 " " " _RASMANCS Maleware bytes stops an OUTGOING message from my computer and message pops up from Malwarbytes. RASAP132 seems to have been quaritined. Emsisoft Emergency Kit - Version 4.0 Last update: 7/17/2014 6:03:21 PM User account: Scott-PC\Scott Scan settings: Scan type: Smart Scan Objects: Rootkits, Memory, Traces, C:\Windows\, C:\Program Files\ Detect PUPs: On Sc
  18. I am playing the alpha version of Archeage with Trion Worlds. Trion are translating the game from Korean to English for the western markets. Like most Korean MMOs, the game starts a anti-hacking program before the game. For Archeage the anti-hacking program is called Hackshield (https://global.ahnlab.com/en/site/product/productSubDetail.do?prod_type=P0&prod_class=P&prod_seq=9003) Hackshield will only start if I close both Anti-Malware Guard and Online Armor. With both running, Hackshield opens a support web page (https://support.trionworlds.com/app/hackshield/p/3640/theme
  19. hi making a new thread related to my internet connection and also suspecious files 2 weeks ago MBAM Anti-rookit detected HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options\CMD.exe i quarantined the file but today for no reason after rebooting a CMD.exe opened and closed is HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options safe?
  20. There are sites that check the open ports. Now I have a synology diskstation attached to my router/modem. It is the storage server of my LAN. Supposing that this checking finds ports 21 and 22 open. For ultimate security is it necessary to close these ports and how do we do that using your personal firewall. These ports can be opened or closed for inbound and outbound traffic. What if I wish to use port 21 for some ftp traffic. Shall I be rejected because the port is closed? Another point the router/modem supports portforwarding not only for IP4 but also for IP6 protocol through tunneling. The
  21. Hello, Firslty, thank you for your products. Since Avast update last December to 2014 version, I experience issues with OA bloquing randomly internet access. Message seen on OA status page, in the update area is close to "host unfindable, socket error #11001" (translation from French). Re-start is needed every times it happens until OA updates are successful. Several re-starts are sometimes needed. In the worst case, the PC is totally bloqued. Enclosed yesterday log files, the last time I experienced this issue. Config Windows XP family SP3 Free Antivirus Avast 2014.9xxx with oacat, o
  22. I recently installed OA Premiun (V7.0.0.1866) on a new (i.e, replacement) computer running Windows 7 PRO SP1 64bit. The installation "Wizard" reported it was sucessful. I "ticked" the "Re-start your computer now" box and clicked "Finish". Windows closed and re-started. An OA "Welcome" window opened, I entered my license key and clicked "next". Then a strange thing happened. I got this ERROR notice: "Check your internet connection or contact Support. Socket error #11001. Host not found." Sure enough, I no longer had an internet connection. OA was listed in All Programs, but w
  23. It is nearly 2 months since I installed the latest OA in my XP SP 3.Most of the times the applications windows (CLOSE , MAXIMISE etc or a simple OK or cancel) seem slow to react and works only on two or more clicks. This is the situation only after I installed the new OA. For a few times I tested the difference in the responsiveness with OA closed and running and can confirm that OA is causing the apparent delay perhaps due to some hooks it places by Keylogger or Screen logger feature. Seems like only I am going thru this issue as no other XP user has reported it.... Any way this was for
  24. I have been taken over by chrome search.conduit.com which keeps loading ads and even pornographic ads complete with sound and which repeatedly states IE has closed unexpectedly.and I am unable to attach my two notepad reports FRST and Addition and when I clicked on "Image" icon everything locked and I couldn't get out of the URL: box so my first attempt to contact you failed. I am unable to attach or cut-and-paste the two reports even using your icons. My Cleverbridge reference number is 40360250. I received a confirmation of my purchases of Online Armor Firewall and Internet Security pack
  25. a few months ago I installed HitmanPro.Alert (HMPA); obviously, I added it to the exclusion list in OA. After some short time, one (random) program stopped to respond (it didn't start at all when clicked on its icon), then another program - the same situation, and so on. When I closed OA, the programs started to respond, the same when OA was on and HMPA - off. So, it seems that HMPA is in conflict with HIPS in OA, or maybe it is a kind of HIPS itself? Could this problem be solved? Does HMPA add any additional protection to that provided by OA (a new kind of protection against ransomware, V
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