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  1. Hello, Firslty, thank you for your products. Since Avast update last December to 2014 version, I experience issues with OA bloquing randomly internet access. Message seen on OA status page, in the update area is close to "host unfindable, socket error #11001" (translation from French). Re-start is needed every times it happens until OA updates are successful. Several re-starts are sometimes needed. In the worst case, the PC is totally bloqued. Enclosed yesterday log files, the last time I experienced this issue. Config Windows XP family SP3 Free Antivirus Avast 2014.9xxx with oacat, o
  2. I recently installed OA Premiun (V7.0.0.1866) on a new (i.e, replacement) computer running Windows 7 PRO SP1 64bit. The installation "Wizard" reported it was sucessful. I "ticked" the "Re-start your computer now" box and clicked "Finish". Windows closed and re-started. An OA "Welcome" window opened, I entered my license key and clicked "next". Then a strange thing happened. I got this ERROR notice: "Check your internet connection or contact Support. Socket error #11001. Host not found." Sure enough, I no longer had an internet connection. OA was listed in All Programs, but w
  3. It is nearly 2 months since I installed the latest OA in my XP SP 3.Most of the times the applications windows (CLOSE , MAXIMISE etc or a simple OK or cancel) seem slow to react and works only on two or more clicks. This is the situation only after I installed the new OA. For a few times I tested the difference in the responsiveness with OA closed and running and can confirm that OA is causing the apparent delay perhaps due to some hooks it places by Keylogger or Screen logger feature. Seems like only I am going thru this issue as no other XP user has reported it.... Any way this was for
  4. I have been taken over by chrome search.conduit.com which keeps loading ads and even pornographic ads complete with sound and which repeatedly states IE has closed unexpectedly.and I am unable to attach my two notepad reports FRST and Addition and when I clicked on "Image" icon everything locked and I couldn't get out of the URL: box so my first attempt to contact you failed. I am unable to attach or cut-and-paste the two reports even using your icons. My Cleverbridge reference number is 40360250. I received a confirmation of my purchases of Online Armor Firewall and Internet Security pack
  5. a few months ago I installed HitmanPro.Alert (HMPA); obviously, I added it to the exclusion list in OA. After some short time, one (random) program stopped to respond (it didn't start at all when clicked on its icon), then another program - the same situation, and so on. When I closed OA, the programs started to respond, the same when OA was on and HMPA - off. So, it seems that HMPA is in conflict with HIPS in OA, or maybe it is a kind of HIPS itself? Could this problem be solved? Does HMPA add any additional protection to that provided by OA (a new kind of protection against ransomware, V
  6. 1.Logged in as Admin I was installing VLC player 2.1.1 64 bit. It installed after the necessary permissions from OA. I closed VLC player after the default opening after the installation.It is not trusted. 2. I clicked on the previously available VLC openable playlist. VLC loads as evident from the process explorer , but the VLC GUI does not load. Also from PE , it appears OA is running at more than 25% of CPU spike. So nearly a patient wait of 10 min the VLC player loads the GUI and plays the playlist. This behavior I am seeing for the first time. I suspect the high CPU is choking the subs
  7. Please fix. I attach the requested documents. Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST) (x86) Version: 14-11-2013 Ran by Caroline (ATTENTION: The logged in user is not administrator) on PEGGY-PC on 14-11-2013 20:22:52 Running from C:\Users\Caroline\Downloads Microsoft Windows 7 Professional Service Pack 1 (X86) OS Language: English(US) Internet Explorer Version 10 Boot Mode: Normal ==================== Processes (Whitelisted) =================== (Intel Corporation) C:\Windows\System32\hkcmd.exe (Intel Corporation) C:\Windows\System32\igfxpers.exe (Intel Corporation) C:\Windows\system
  8. Why does OA take a huge time in populating the list of Programs in the programs tab at the first opening? Can't the list be transfered to a RTF file and then read fast and the addtions or deletions updated to the file regularly. In case if the previous session is closed with the programs tab, at the next opening after a restart OA takes a huge time in displaying them.
  9. I had my Netbook setup with the Automatic Updates turned off and I was just updating the Host Rules dat file that GT500 had provided after an update of Emsisoft. I didn't do the timer change on my Dell Netbook. I just updated Emsisoft tonight and turned on the Automatic Updates and it downloaded all of the latest updates and I started the scan and it worked. I then closed out of Emsisoft and started it backup again and it came up without any errors. I then rebooted the computer and after the computer had completed booting up there were no errors. I then started Emsisoft without any problem
  10. Since updating to Firefox 25.0, I have been unable to get Firefox to run safer. During the Firefox 25.0 install one of the OA popups had a check box marked RunSafer, which I checked, but Firefox was not in RunSafer mode when it first started up. I closed Firefox and went to the OA config page and marked firefox.exe as RunSafer in the Programs tab. This has always worked in the past to get a program to RunSafer. Not this time. Still no RunSafer. I went back in to OA's Programs tab and marked every file in the list associated with Firefox as RunSafer, and still no result. Tonight Firefox update
  11. Hello Emsisoft!: Just have a doubt in mind about a program, JDownloader. Today when i added a link from relink.us on JDownloader, to download a movie posted in a forum, a warning from Jdownloader appeared saying it was a calling for a Flash connection, turned off that, i do not remember click and load did that in the past. I canceled that link in JD, but in Online Armor Premium an OUT TCP connection was pointing to > rts.sparkstudios.com , i closed that connection and the HIPS from OA dissapeared. Then turned on again HIPS , and when restarted Jdownloader, there was ag
  12. Hi, I would like to point out a small issue since the latest update. When I am using HyperSnap 7.25.04 to capture screenshots I noticed that EAM tray icon is no longer responding. Nevertheless I am still able to open EAM panel via the desktop icon. I have enclosed a screen of the panel where everything seem to be still activated except the tray icon. Would be perfect if this can be fixed in a future update as I am currently obliged to restart my PC in order to get the tray icon working correctly. Not a big issue though. I am running Win 7 64 bit. Thanks.
  13. Steve Gibson Research's " Shields Up" test (https://www.grc.com/x/ne.dll?rh1dkyd2 under Shields Up Services) doesnt show my ports are stealth, which is what is desirable. It only shows them as closed. The last time I did this test, I believe I was using Zone Alarm and I recall they tested as stealthed by default at the time. I'm not sure how to set OA to do the same I see on the firewall tab the checkmarks for "restricted" are on alot of the ports by default, but could not find in help what exactly "restricted" means or does. How do I make my ports invisible on the net with OA ?
  14. Hello, I have Emsisoft Anti-Malware and Online Armor Firewall (latest editions) installed on my computer. I performed Shields Up test at https://www.grc.com/x/ne.dll?bh0bkyd2 The results were not good: 8 ports were not stealthed. Is it possible to fix this? Thanks in advance, Victor Here is a mummary of the test: GRC Port Authority Report created on UTC: 2013-07-20 at 11:34:22Results from scan of ports: 0-1055 0 Ports Open 8 Ports Closed 1048 Ports Stealth--------------------- 1056 Ports TestedNO PORTS were found to be OPEN.Ports found to be CLOSED were: 21, 22,
  15. It has been a while since I logged onto her, and my other topic was closed. I am continuing to have issues. My laptop is running ultra slow again, and the video does not play properly (video portion freezes or skips, while audio plays properly) I am unable to right-click and save anything to the desktop, and when I ran the OTL program, It does not generate an "EXTRAS" log. Attached are the most recent. Emsisoft scan log, and the OTL log. Thank you, James
  16. Hi! I am a OA Free (version user, and my XP SP3 box also installed with our company's antivirus system, Trend Micro Worey-Free Bussiness Security (8.0.1346), or called it WFSMB for short. I found that the OPEN FILE dialog window forzen and returned to normal later (about 30 seconds) while using text editor (NotePad) to open text files that storded in differents folders under the same path. The structure of folders as indicated below: ======================== d:\textfiles\20130101\ d:\textfiles\20130102\ d:\textfiles\20130103\ d:\textfiles\20130104\ ... =========
  17. I have Emsi-Soft anti-malware software on my computer with a current license. I suddenly had a problem where my Microsoft Office products (Outlook, Word, Excel) closed and will not re-open. I ran my Norton Anti-Virus scan with no problems reported. I wanted to run an Emsi-Soft scan, but the program does not appear to be working and would not run. When I tried to go to Emsi-soft.com for support, my browser redirected me to other, unrelated websites. This led me to conclude I may have a malware problem. I found and followed the Emsi-Soft emergency kit instructions. However, the scan log s
  18. I have detected two problems using Emisoft AntiMalware: I have enclosed the A2 emergency kit scan. will post OLT when it finishes
  19. When I connect to http://www.bing.com/ OA reports multiple iexplorer.exe/TCP connections are opened. These connections remain even if IE 8 is closed. (This is on a Win XP system, hence IE For example. edge-star-shv-03-ash5.facebook.com Both of the following have been entered in OA Domains with a status of "Blocked" but the connection is still made. edge-star-shv-03-ash5.facebook.com *.facebook.com Closing the connection in OA does nothing. Anyway to block such connections?
  20. I'm a current paid user of EAM with a few months left on my current license. I purchased a couple of EAM CDs on sale, each of which has a license enclosed with the CD. Is there any advantage (other than loss) or disadvantage to registering these new licenses on the online License Center, even though I won't be using them until the previous license expires? I'm concerned about the 10-month window (which I've never understood) that seems to be in force with licenses purchased directly from you. Can you explain how that works? I plan to activate one license when my current one ex
  21. I am running Online Armor Premium, Firefox 17.0.1 and Sandboxie 3.76 64 bit (registered), Windows 7 64 Home Premium. Online Armor appears to be blocking Firefox from connecting to websites correctly, when Firefox is run within a sandbox. What happens is: 1) I open Firefox within a sandbox, and my homepage (google) opens without apparent problems. 2) I then attempt to connect to a website, and it begins to open and then freezes, either before the website opens at all, or when it has partially loaded. The freezing always happens at a point when a message at the bottom of the page s
  22. Hi. Once the scan is done with the anti-alware, I find 43 cookies linked to Chrome whih are rated as high risk. I cannot delete them nor quarantine them, even with Chrome closed. Funny thing, the emsisoft website says (before adressing me to the forum) that if I had purchased the anti-malware version, I would have not been infected. But I do have the REAL-TIME version and despite that, I got infected. Please help. Cancelled all cookies in Chrome but they still appear after the scan
  23. Hello, Just got infections in my PC. Grateful for help. Enclosed are the files you ask for in your instructions. Best Regards svinto2
  24. unable to quentine or remove Emsisoft Emergency Kit - Version 3.0 Last update: N/A Scan settings: Scan type: Smart Scan Objects: Rootkits, Memory, Traces, C:\Windows\, C:\Program Files\, C:\Program Files (x86)\ Detect Riskware: Off Scan archives: Off ADS Scan: On File extension filter: Off Advanced caching: On Direct disk access: Off Scan start: 3/2/2013 2:02:40 PM \DosDevices\PhysicalDrive0 detected: Heuristic.Possible.MBR.Rootkit (A) C:\Program Files (x86)\Discount Buddy\Uninstall.exe detected: Packed.Win32.ScrambleWrapper.AMN (A) Scanned 504983 Found 2 Scan end: 3/2/2013 3:23:0
  25. Hi there, sorry to necro an older thread, but this is precisely my issue as well. No error message other than "Can not start Online Armor Service" in a big, otherwise empty error window. I first tried to install this after installing Emsisoft Anti-Malware on my Windows Vista (Home edition) games profile. I installed Online Armor, rebooted as requested and it gave me the error. After this did not work, I went into the Admin profile, same error. Uninstalled, rebooted, went back into Admin. Reinstalled, rebooted. Same error. Closed Windows security software, ran the same proc
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