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Found 843 results

  1. Just got upgraded to 9715. Smooth upgrade.
  2. Adguard does not filter with EAM Surf-Protection on, AG's "Log window" is empty. Works when Surf-Protection is off. Windows 7 64. Have logs if needed, upload fails.
  3. I can see from the documentation how to INSTALL multiple clients by GPO. I can see how to CONNECT a client from the command line but I cannot see how to CONNECT multiple clients. What I would like to do is connect a substantial number of clients automatically to ECC, disconnecting them from EEC so that end-users need take NO action and, ideally, would see no messages. Is there a method to do this? As an aside, now that ECC is no longer Beta, are we going to get a dedicate forum for it? TIA.
  4. I have accidently created an extra workspace which is not required. How can I remove it? Thanks.
  5. Just wondering why the on/off switches are next to update info and licence info instead of next to Firewall and Network Location at the far left hand side.
  6. A small but persistent glitch that I can't seem to get rid off and that has been present pretty much since I started using the cloud console beta: The device count for the workspace top level constantly says "1", when in reality there is no device in this group. All my three devices are in subgroups... Please refer to the attached screenshot
  7. Quote: The overview screen now shows your current firewall status, be it the Windows built-in firewall or a third-party product. I use Sphinx Windows 10 Firewall Control Not shown in EAM. Should be shown This is not a front end firewall for windows.
  8. Win 10 1903. EAM 9681. LibreOffice Just wondering why it doesn't show in BB list.
  9. Is that possible to uninstall EAM from a computer in Cloud Console? It can be done in Enterprise Console. Thanks Zhanna
  10. Hi i recently got alerts from Google when searching saying suspicious behaviour from your network alerts and i had to enter a code to continue searches, now i understand that these google alerts generalise my ISPs network and may not mean my PC is infected in fact a full scan from both Mcafee and Emsisoft found no issues i did a port scan with "shields up" and found that port 1024 was open, when i did a port scan i could see no evidence of this, after doing further searches i found my BT TV Box known as You-View used this port for online TV, i wanted to see if i could close the port but it only closes when i turn the TV box off i thought i could create better firewall protection ( I currently only use Windows 10) by installing Mcafee firewall that comes with virus protection, Mcafee started blocking outbound connections from some old gaming software OverWolf and some gigabyte software that speeds up computer processes for gaming by shutting down various not used windows processes since the uninstallation of these programs ive started getting Buffer Overflow alerts from Mcafee, now i don't know if these are because of remnants left over from these programs or Emsisoft is conflicting with Mcafee If Mcafee and Emsisoft dont get along can i disable Mcafee virus protection but still use its firewall many thanks Haydn
  11. This doesn't fix the problem of a2service (and firefox processes) going mad if one turns on lockdown.
  12. Would it be possible for you to consider placing Enter and Exit network lockdown mode on the right-click option of the EAM taskbar. It would then be so easy to get to it in an emergency. At the moment you have to enter Protection Status to get to it. Host or Application rules could make room for it.
  13. Is the new Firewall status for all users, cloud connected and single users ?
  14. I have been beta testing the cloud console at home with three devices for some time now. Now I tried to remove one of the devices from the console, so that it won't be remotely managed any more. When I remove it from the workspace, at first it is correctly shown as "unmanaged" (red tag), and when I check the local EAM GUI on the device it does indeed say the device is no longer connected to the cloud. After I reboot windows, however, the device "automagically" returns to the cloud console (listed under new devices), and the local GUI shows that it is remotely managed. Do I have to uninstall EAM to really remove it from the cloud ? Is this a bug ? Right now, the cloud management seems to be a bit too overzealous/persistent/sticky 😄
  15. I am an MSP. On August 1st we had an account breach on one of our Atera (MSP Software) accounts which resulted in the propagation of this crypto virus. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Attached is the information from just one machine, we have 4 or 5 other we'd like to get assistance with. Thank you in advance Sean scan_190810-160007.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt
  16. It's been doing this for a while. scan_190729-233028.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  17. Did a restart of my machine a few minutes ago (fast boot turned off) Win 10 1903 It says EAM updated after boot but I am still on 9533 Debug logs attached a2service_20190730143544(1508).zip
  18. I can't delete this object(Gen:Variant.Graftor.6168) after scanning. Emsisoft Emergency Kit write that I have to write about my problem on this site. Please help. Thank you.
  19. We have archived Outlook emails using GFI-Archiver. These have a .eml extension. We scanned the 690,000 older (2006-2013) email records in the archive and the message is that 2,417 Detected. There are multiple emails within each .eml extension file. "Quarantine selected" and "Delete selected" give the same response: "You are trying to delete a detection that is inside an archive (zip, rar, pst (Outlook)). Any detections inside of archives will cause the archives to be entirely deleted, along with all files or email they contain." "Are you sure you want to delete the selected file(s)?" Does this mean that all of the emails within the .eml file will be deleted or quarantined? Is there anyway to delete or quarantine just the malware emails, but no the rest of the emails in the .eml file?
  20. Win 10 1903 build 18362.267 .... EAM 9533 Is there a reason why StartMenuExperienceHost.exe has no Description listed for it?
  21. I just got 9469. No issues so far here on Win 7 Pro
  22. What is this that EAM is trying to run C:\Program Files\Emsisoft Anti-Malware\a2service.exe > C:\Windows\Temp\tmp000000c0\tmp00000058 I have blocked it so far Pete
  23. Hi Frank, first it looks really good, i will switch all stuff to Cloud now ..... Same things missing hope it will come back later: 1) OS Information , EAM Version , Reset to default rule if user have edited 2) License is not showing correct i have not used all 60, also it would be good to see where all the license are used like the old user account list 3) Security Question: All stuff from the Cloud are only options for configuration, there is now and really no way to get data from client or data to clients right ? Same german translation issues 1) Scan Days 2) Berechtigungen und Schutzrichtlinien Frank thank You my Friend i will be report all Stuff i see in the next few weeks in use Regards Christian
  24. bob974

    CLOSED 9533

    Hello, There is a problem in the analysis logs. The analyses are indicated as ongoing when they are finished. Look at the screenshot.