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Found 719 results

  1. Some weeks ago i noticed that my CheatEngine now closes itself about 10 secs after i try to use it, no matter what. According to message at the top of' main page and to this topic there is supposed to be some malware targeting CheatEngine. Also, every time i try to find solution for that problem by typing requests like "CheatEngine crash" or CheatEngine malware", my browsers tend to close immediately. That affects absolutely all browsers, installed and portable, even ones running in Comodo Sandbox. Both CheatEngine and browsers worked perfectly well in the Safe Mode last time i checked. There is some tool called windowsrepair.exe that suggests to use to fix problems with malware, but it never worked for me. While said CheatEngine can be considered Riskware, it helped me to avoid hours of grinding in many games for many years without such problems as now. Also, it may be relevant or not, but few days ago i already tried to fix that problem, and while i did a full system scan with EEK, it found and quarantined plenty of copies of Gen:Variant.Symmi.45452 (B) [krnl.xmd] in four directories on my Disk E. I added report concerning them in addition to three mandatory logs, below all of them. Please help. I don't want to reinstall Windows just because of that problem i have.
  2. Hi again, Kevin, hope all is well with you. My system has become noticeably slower, and Windows Explorer (not MIE but the local system file browser) crashes with "Windows Explorer has stopped." I have run the System File Checker with "sfc /scannow" and all system files appear to be fine. EIS reports no issues, nonetheless, something is infesting my PC and causing the problems described as well as numerous other annoying anomalies.. Logs attached. Thanks in advance for waving your magic wand over my system. Again. FRST.txt Addition.txt scan_180419-205206.txt
  3. hi , i just ran quick scan with emsisoft antimalware and it detected DKOM.DoublePulsar(A) in OS Kernel and is unable to remove that. since i just ran out of trial period so as per forum rules the stable version of emsisoft anti malware will act as portable version of emsisoft emergency kit. Also I am using realtime eset protection and eset did not detected any thing. attached are the logs and image of detection. windows 8.1 Addition.txt FRST.txt Forensics_180419-031813.txt
  4. Just got this through updates (any info?)
  5. Hello I keep getting variations on this detection: Location: SHA1: 4EE29875C8322D363CDDC9492AC8C50FB8B61257 Detection: Behavior.Worm Detected by: Behavior Blocker Is this a concern and if so how can this be resolved?
  6. I have been troubleshooting a browser issue and as part of that troubleshooting on Win 10 machine I turned off protection via the EAM right-click taskbar option. When I turned it back on I waited the few seconds it sometimes takes for it to turn green again. It didn't. I couldn't turn on protection for the items via the GUI tickboxes. It said I needed to do a restart of machine. Happened around 7am in debug logs. After restarting machine all is well. a2guard_20180329070237(5520).zip
  7. Build 8555 updated smoothly (on my W8.1 64bit system), but since then I've noticed that a) the systray icon was hidden; it was possible to turn its display back on via the systray Customisation thing, but this is not normally needed b) I'd downloaded a copy of FRST64.exe; I right-clicked it and chose EAM scan... and nothing seemed to happen - I expected the GUI to be displayed and be told the scan result. I've repeated this and once the GUI has popped up. But I also get instances of the mouse pointer just becoming a revolving blue circle. Moving it towards the taskbar doesn't make the taskbar unhide as usual. Last time I tried to follow an Admin Tools shortcut (on my desktop, heading towards the Eventlog Viewer) and there was a sort of hiccup, a brief (sub-second) dispay of an all blue screen, then the Explorer desktop display was redrawn and the revolving blue circle had gone. Would that imply an issue with the code what runs from the file explorer context menu? - that weirdness starts with a right-click action.
  8. LS, I have recieved an extorsion mail by someone who states to have infected my PC with a trojan horse virus and claims to have control over my microphone and camera. I have Emsisoft AntiMalware installed, daily updated and running (version 2018.2.1.84830). Scans do not deliver any infection or risk. Can you pls check if some kind of trojan horse is installed? I have run the advised/mandatory scans. Pls find the logs attacched. Hope to hear fron you soon, Michiel Addition.txt EEK 20180330 Forensics_180330-190037.txt FRST.txt
  9. Win 10 8528 Does game mode persist across a cold boot ? (fast boot turned off)
  10. Just was told my computer needed a restart to install a new build. Cannot find any info about this build. What has changed? EDIT... Just seen the Emergency Kit Maker.
  11. I have followed the instructions you provided and it asked to post remaining items here. Thanks for your help. a2scan_180304-012901.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt
  12. Hello Guys, I just runt EMISOFT Emergency Kit and I have been alert on this virus in this directory : \DosDevices\PhysicalDrive4 The message said that the sofware is not allowed to clean it to avoid destruction of the system Win. Can you help me to clean this signature ? Thank you for your answers Dominique
  13. When I tried to install a program, the computer said that svchost was created by an unknown publisher that wanted to make changes to my computer. The same applies anytime I try to open any program as an administrator. I scanned C:\windows\svchost.exe and it had a worm. Figured I'd ask you experts for help. Thank you in advance. Addition_06-03-2018 21.33.33.txt FRST_06-03-2018 21.33.33.txt scan_180306-212820.txt
  14. I used the software because there was a lot of trojan in my laptop, it works perfectly but it also deigned suspicious those that are not infected files. A thousand + files and it deleted it. Now i cant open anything from my laptop even the microsoft offices. It only says java.exe or explorer.exe is an error and cant be opened.
  15. Whats going on? I scanned with emsisoft antimalwares custom scan but no threats was found. Here are farbar logs: FRST.txt Addition.txt
  16. Can't delete or fix this, when i run the program, it finds a "Application.Bitcoinminer.RD" on C:/Windows/Microsoft/svchost.exe:settings
  17. When you first ever do a scheduled scan and go to that page to select a time and frequency, is there already some pre-selected time and day of the week there for you?
  18. Automatic update. Smooth
  19. I scan whith emsi a removable media i have a susy trojan i send to quarintine, then i recover the files and scan documents folder and then perform a fullmalware scan . I send you my reports and my farbar tool reports to see if i dont have traces and i send you a screen shot because i see in scan tab does not appear the units who emsi scan is it normal? -- Emsisoft Anti-Malware Full 2018.1.0.8407 stable [es-es] OS: Windows 10 (Version 10.0, Build 16299, 64-bit Edition) Addition.txt Forensics_180210-112732.txt FRST.txt
  20. Kevin, I contacted you in early December and still have a problem. Someone has gotten into my email (Outlook 2010) and has gone to my Amazon account and tried to but things on my account. I have changed passwords on both Amazon and my ISP provider. Also, IE is running extremely slowly. Nearly unusable. Also, a quick flash of a black box in the upper right quadrant of the screen appears - looks like something opening - just a flash. I am attaching EEK & FRST logs. Hope we can find out what this is this time. Many thanks, Tom Addition.txt FRST.txt scan_180122-060039.txt
  21. После проверки пк на вирусы ваша программа обнаружила вирусы с высоким уровнем заражения,удалять их запрещенно т.к. нарушится работа всей операционной системы моего ноутбука.Пишет что они засели глубоко в системе.Как их удалить и очистить пк от вирусов без нанесения вреда моему ноутбуку.
  22. Hi, I hope you can help me to delete or destroit a virus wich is infected my PC. The emsisoftware A-squared free detected that the virus is infected 20 achieveds but couldn't eliminate them. I need to clean my computer and the USB too because all are full of direct acces and famtom achieves. Sorry about my english. I was wating for a solution.Thanks!
  23. Windows 10... EAM build 8407 Steps to reproduce Open Settings..Permissions Untick 'Hide users with Default Permissions' This setting will now show users in the Windows Session you are in only. Turn off machine (FastStartup is NOT enabled on this machine) Turn on machine and go to Settings...Permissions. 'Hide users with Default Permissions' has now re-enabled itself. See here in beta archives for more info on old bug.