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  1. Just ran a scan of a-squared free. It found a number of items. I decided to not take immediate action, and closed out the scan window. Now I find that there are logs for Update and for Quarantine. Normally with other virus scanners there is also a log showing the findings of the scan. Disappointing that a-squared free lacks that. Or is it there and I couldn't find it?
  2. An Avast warning came up saying a virus was found - I think it was JS: FakeWarn again. Also, a splash screen appeared for Antispyware Soft, a program I did not knowingly install. This is similar to what happened on my other infected computer. Then a bunch of internet windows kept appearing, mostly for porn sites and such. (Note: I was not accessing porn when all of this started happening.) A message appeared saying a virus was found on my computer; do I want to activate the antivirus or antimalware software, something like that. Another virus found warning, which had what resembled a Windows shield icon appeared at the bottom right of my screen, warning of a virus. I couldn't keep these closed down. They kept popping back up. Internet is unusable now on that computer. Thank you in advance for your help and direction. Mark
  3. I believe I am having some serious issues with the 5.0 update, about 2 weeks ago I started experiencing the following issues with my PC: -I leave my PC on overnight and most mornings when I wake up it is now frozen, not a hard lock as I can use numlock, and I can see what was on the screen when it was frozen (including the clock which also freezes) but Windows (XP) is completely inoperable. When I rebooted I would notice that the startup process for a2 would lag tremendously. -Embedded Youtube videos would freeze for a second at various points during playback and when I minimized from full screen my browser would lag terribly for a few seconds. By being very quick with task manager when the video starts lagging I would see that there was a spike in CPU usage for a2service.exe. Then recently I had a hard lockup (no numlock keys, sound looping) while watching one full screen. -My Outlook Express would not close properly, when I closed it it would linger on the screen for a few seconds and the process would not be removed from my task list even after the GUI closed. So I've spent the last few weeks doing hardware scans, disabling background processes, downgrading my versions of Flash and Java... to no avail. Then I started to suspect a2 due to the processor spike during Youtube playback and this was almost confirmed when I saw that the 5.0 update occurred right around when these problems started. I've since disabled a2 completely and the problems have vanished. Any ideas? At this point I would love to be able to just downgrade to an older version which I had no problems with.
  4. I have been getting bug reports from A2 recently when I have been working in Microsoft Word. I have a Lenovo Ideapad Y510, Vista 32-bit OS, and the only other security is a Lenovo 3.0 personal firewall. I have enclosed an attache file of the latest bug report. I have no idea what is going on.
  5. I've enclosed a screen shot of some findings from an A-Squared scan on some trojans in a recent Java download. Should these files be deleted and then reinstall Java, or what? Or maybe quarantine? Thanks.
  6. Hey there, I recently had a power cut… and when I restarted my computer, Firefox would not open. This is the error displayed. After about half an hour... of uninstalling and reinstalling Firefox to no avail I decided to disable my anti virus incase it was blocking it. As I had checked the permisions tab on firefox's properties and they were all fine. As soon as I closed A2, Firefox opened fine. So I then started up A2, and went to white list and added firefox to the white list. Now everything is okay. However now for what ever reason, Firefox is slow to open, I presume because the anti virus would block it, however due to the rule I created it does not. My question is, Have I turned any settings on that could / would block Firefox from opening because ideally I would like to remove it from the whitelist just incase I browse something bad. Thanks very much. I'm on Windows 7 Proffesional, all updates installed. I'm also using the Beta Client, which I recently just reinstalled due to the bug that made it crash all the time. Thanks again, James
  7. For the past couple of months I have started seeing issues and they are getting worse and more and more annoying. Following are currently the biggest issues I am facing: 1. I am unable to go standby or hibernate. The computer does not respond. I have to always shut down. Obviously powering up from after a total shut down takes much longer. Before it used to take about 5 to 10 sec after powering up to get the computer to where it was when I put it on standby. I remember clearly this started happening right after when I installed Comcast softwares on my computer. Since then I have already removed the Comcast softwares, but this issue still remains. 2. After bootup and running startup programs, I hear a lots of drive activity and the task manager shows the memory gradually being used up starting from about 600 MB to all the way up to about 2.5 GB (virtual memory - my physical memory is 2 GB). It would stay there for about 3 to 4 minutes during which time the computer becomes very slow and unresponsive. After that it would drop down to 1.5 GB and then eventually drop down to about 500-600 MB or so, after which the computer would start responding fine and the drive activity goes down too. 3. Now lately I am having another issue. This involves A-squared as well. I usually run Chrome browser and it usually has hotmail from the previous session already loaded. So after bootup when I start Chrome, it loads up different tabs that were open last time when I closed it, it would hang. And I would see A-squared as one of the applications running in the Applications bar at the bottom, along with Chrome, but I won't see any corresponding A-squared window on the screen. The Chrome hangs. A-squared also hangs but looks like it hangs before it draws the window on the screen. I have to close a-squared by right clicking on the little icon on the right hand side of the task bar and choosing Exit Background Guard, kill Chrome and then run Chrome again. Now Chrome would run fine, but if I click on something that would try to open up a pop up or something, it would hang again. If I leave Chrome in that state for about 5 min or so, it would come back to life. I am attaching my logs. I did find some high risk items in the scan but haven't quarantined or anything as per instructions in the sticky. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.
  8. Hi there Please see enclosed report. When trying to delete/quarantine "Trace.about.com!A2" and other, I was sent to this forum help, which I request. Best regards.
  9. hello apologies, but i went away for a few weeks and left my computer at home. the previous thread was closed so i have pasted the last set of instructions below, and attached the new log reports that were requested. the computer is running much better but there is still infections on there. please could you have a look at the latest reports and help me finish removing it all! many thanks richard Posted 05 December 2009 - 09:56 PM ~WHOLE QUOTATION REMOVED {Lynx}
  10. I downloaded a trial version of a game from I-games. After about 10 minutes of play, I started getting messages about a Trojan. I closed the game down and started running asquared. It could not quarantine all the files and suggested going to this forum. I think I completed everything correctly under Start Here. I will provide my logs when requested.
  11. Hi, My computer was recently infected by Trojans. I downloaded few anti-virus softwares from net, but those softwares were unable to remove trojans completely, then I downloaded A-squared anti malware as it is specifically for trojans, but after using this, the trojans or other suspicious things are still there in my computer, therefore according to your instructions given in forum, I have cleaned my machine by Ccleaner, then deep scaned it by A-squared anti malware, and have attached the report, and then ran ISeeYouXP according to your instructions, and have attached it's report as well. I was having difficulty to run ISeeYouXP initially, it was giving this message: "The process cannot use the file because it is being used by another process", but I kept trying and eventually made it. Then I tried to run HiJackFree, but it opened for a second when I finished it's installation, and then closed automatically, then I clicked on it's icon on desktop but it did not open and was giving this message: "Windows cannot access the specific device path or file, you may not have appropriate permission". Also I am unable to connect normally to internet using my wireless internet modem, when I try to connect it says: "Eaccess violation". I was trying to figure out the problem on my own and whilst doing so I entered the contral pannel and when tried to uninstall one of the programs, A-squared malware alerted me that Program tries to manipulate other processes. You help in this regard would highly be appreciated. Regards Malik.
  12. Dear Sir, We have Website, 4 Days Back It Got Closed Due To Malware Virus Like (packed.jd.agent.bd). Will You Please Guide Us How To Scan Web Site, Data & Web Server & Clean This Virus. Any Kind Of Solution You Provide Us. We Would Be Grateful If U Help Us.
  13. Hello to everyone,I'm new to the forums & I thank anyone for reading this & helping me out. I have A-Squared,free version(minus firewall) and I just updated it to the new release from to I though,ok great =D yay updates! nothing was abnormal,and it updated like it always did everytime I click on the update button.(I dont have updates set on automatic). Then something weird happened the next time I updated my program,as it was updating, the update was moving at an incredibly slow pace,even though it was only around 500 kb of updates,and in the middle of the update bar filling up,my Avira kicked on & detected the TR/Dropper.GEN Trojan,and I quickly set it to quarantine.This has NEVER happened before with my version of A-Squared,And Avira has never acted up like this with A-Squared before(or with any of the programs on my computer),so I suspected the download to be a corrupt file that sent me a virus. Before anyone says it: the problem is not Avira.I had & used Avira & A-Squared together for a very long time.There were never any problems before this update. To make sure I wasn't jumping to conclusions myself on this,I closed down A-Squared, and started it up again,then a a-squared message box appeared saying that "Incorrect files have been updated,would you like to update now?" and I clicked ok.Nothing seemed fishy here,maybe it just had a download error it wanted to fix it? WEll I was wroooong.Because as soon as it went back to the update/download page,the same exact thing happened again! The Update was around 500 kb, Avira detected a TR/Dropper.GEN trojan,and on the update list it says "Downloading Cleaning Module: Cleaning Engine Component-" And it was weird,cause I never heard of that A-Squared update before. I updated later on again,and the same download keeps coming up with the same trojan & the same download.No matter what I do or how many times I do it.Its VERY suspicious,since something needs to update once & a-squared wouldnt make you download the same exact file every time you click "Update".But A-squared keeps telling me I have incorrect files & stuff everytime I start it up,and right now I just dont know what to do.So I came on the forums seeking for help & advice. Whats going on? And what should I do to correct the problem? Thank you for your time.And A-squared is the best antivirus protection I ever had,I dont want to get rid of it or have problems with it.I hope this can be easily solved.
  14. Anybody want to explain why this was closed? http://cc.emsisoft.com/en/support/ticket.aspx?id=79513 "Very strange" ain't a fix!
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