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  1. We have archived Outlook emails using GFI-Archiver. These have a .eml extension. We scanned the 690,000 older (2006-2013) email records in the archive and the message is that 2,417 Detected. There are multiple emails within each .eml extension file. "Quarantine selected" and "Delete selected" give the same response: "You are trying to delete a detection that is inside an archive (zip, rar, pst (Outlook)). Any detections inside of archives will cause the archives to be entirely deleted, along with all files or email they contain." "Are you sure you want to delete the selected file(s)?" Does this mean that all of the emails within the .eml file will be deleted or quarantined? Is there anyway to delete or quarantine just the malware emails, but no the rest of the emails in the .eml file?
  2. It's been doing this for a while. scan_190729-233028.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  3. I can't delete this object(Gen:Variant.Graftor.6168) after scanning. Emsisoft Emergency Kit write that I have to write about my problem on this site. Please help. Thank you.
  4. Win 10 1903 build 18362.267 .... EAM 9533 Is there a reason why StartMenuExperienceHost.exe has no Description listed for it?
  5. Hello, There is a problem in the analysis logs. The analyses are indicated as ongoing when they are finished. Look at the screenshot.
  6. Problem with updates. EAM is constantly trying but cannot do it. Fails with connection error. Last update was 7.43 UK time. Cannot send an email to support through GUI due to a technical error and was told to try later. EDIT.. Looks like it's fixed now.
  7. Win 10 1903 When exactly is Auto-Silent mode triggered? On my machine just now it was enabled/disable by me going into full screen (and then trying to get it back again!!!) I usually use Dark Mode but as you said some UI changes had been made, and I couldn't see any in dark mode I switched to Bright. I almost fell off my chair..that is really bright, have you changed that bit?
  8. Hello, I'm just after cleaning a system that's infected with backdoors. I don't see anything suspicious but I'll be calmer if a specialist takes a look at it. Addition.txtFRST.txtscan_190626-062141.txt
  9. My PC worked as usual and suddenly I found I couldn't open any program - so I can't start with Emsisoft! The reboot didn't help. Maybe it's a virus but I'm not a programmer, just a user of Windows and I don't know how to get access to my files...
  10. What is this that EAM is trying to run C:\Program Files\Emsisoft Anti-Malware\a2service.exe > C:\Windows\Temp\tmp000000c0\tmp00000058 I have blocked it so far Pete
  11. so i dont know which decryptor to download all i can say is i downloaded the anti-malware thing from your website i did a quick scan and found two malwares Adware.Generic.1831217 Adware.Linkury.CX Adware.Linkury.CT Adware.Agent.VXN please help me to find which one i need to download kindest regards - Patrik
  12. Hello, I'm not sure if this is the right place for posting this topic. On the new Cloud Console I noticed 2 translation errors. "Ce" Ordinateur is not correct ; "Cet" ordinateur is exact. "Mode sourdine" is not correct; more accurate is "Mode silencieux" I hope this can help.
  13. Hello, I had a ransomware on my computer. So I restarted the computer in safe mode, then I did a scan with malwarebytes, roguekiller and hitmanpro. I deleted all positive results and txt files from the cryptolocker and made a restaration of the computer before the installation of the virus. Luckily I had all my documents on an external drive so I did not lose anything, but I was wondering if I had to completely reinitialize the computer or if I'm safe now? I have several expensive and super long to install software so if it is not necessary I would prefer not to have to do it.Thank you!
  14. Hi Frank, first it looks really good, i will switch all stuff to Cloud now ..... Same things missing hope it will come back later: 1) OS Information , EAM Version , Reset to default rule if user have edited 2) License is not showing correct i have not used all 60, also it would be good to see where all the license are used like the old user account list 3) Security Question: All stuff from the Cloud are only options for configuration, there is now and really no way to get data from client or data to clients right ? Same german translation issues 1) Scan Days 2) Berechtigungen und Schutzrichtlinien Frank thank You my Friend i will be report all Stuff i see in the next few weeks in use Regards Christian
  15. I just got 9469. No issues so far here on Win 7 Pro
  16. guevara virus is there any toolto remove this guevara virus from my hard drive
  17. Win 10 1903.... EAM 9412 First thing I do each morning after boot is look at Forensics. This morning the 27th was not at the top of the list and I couldn't get them there. I had no problem with the log showing correctly yesterday. Thought I would send you the debug logs but I couldn't highlight each one (service, guard, start) and send to zip. The context menu just disappeared. I was able to highlight and send the logs folder itself though. There looks to be some 'access denied' lines in the service log. After quite a few clicks the 27th is now at the top as it should be. Logs.zip
  18. Just for info, released build of Win 10 1903 upgraded with EAM installed and running without any issues at all.
  19. sir pls help me, my pc all fia.txt.fordanles fordan extension and encrypted pls solve my problem
  20. Laptop computer is (extremely) slow, both in function and boot up and shut down . I've been fighting it for a while now. Started with a Firefox update (66.0.3 I think) , ran through the browser update function. Several years old Toshiba Satellite laptop. Won't allow my emsisoft to update. Scan runs but hangs at 80%. Installed malwarebytes and ran it and deleted 2 pups. Ran ccleaner and also the registry cleanup. It also hung but the file it was scanning was a Firefox file. No help. Used file explorer to search "Mozilla" and deleted all files that popped up after Firefox uninstall. I think that's basically it that I've done. My emsisoft was expired, but it did say subscription was active, but would not update. So installed a 30 day trial until i can scrape some money together to renew. A several year user. Never no problems. Thank you. I do not see how to attach my scsn logs
  21. Hi. I did an emergency malware scan with your Emsisoft Emergency Kit and it found an object that could not be removed. The diagnosis said "Gen:Variant.Graftor.53846 (B)" and its location was at "C:\WINDOWS\SysWOW64\Phoneutil.dll" Ihave attached a screenshot of the scan below. Thank you in advance.
  22. Hey, So far, I've been pretty happy with the cloud console (as have most of my customers) however, is there any chance of getting an MD5/SHA1/256 hash of a "detected" file in the log on the cloud console and/or email notifications? Additionally, do you guys have any plans of adding something like a daily/weekly digest of detections vs "as they happen" notifications? I don't mind being notified right away, but in a few cases (namely, an FP at this point) I received something like 150 emails in the span of 5 minutes. I submitted the FP, and it was fixed in a pattern update, but you can see how that's not an idea situation 😁 Thanks! Chris
  23. Auto updated. Very smooth
  24. Hello, I'm having issues with a SecHijack (A), Application.CoinMiner.EP (B), and Trojan.Ceram.Gen.2 (B). It is being correctly detected on scan, however removing it requires restarting and on each restart there is a new set created. Any help would be appreciated. scan_190430-122117.txt
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