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Found 7 results

  1. The first hours with 2018.10.1.9026 show improvement with connection issue. The next 48h will show if all kind of issues around network connections have been fixed with this beta. So far it looks like a big improvement.
  2. JeremyNicoll

    NEW Beta 9014

    Updated smoothly. I see you've made changes to grid columns. In my forensic log, the 'handles' for altering column width are almost invisible on the column headers, because the handles are white and the surrounding column title background areas are pale grey. Really it's easier to find them by drifting the mouse across where they should be and waiting for the pointer to change. Ironically the handles (or at least column separators) are much easier to see if one highlights a row; then the highlighted text is shown in black on blue and the separator is (still) white, but of course not draggable... but at least you know where the handles should be above that (if eg you highlighted row 1). Resizing the window horizontally occasionally leaves the 'Clear' button outwith the display area, albeit adding a horizontal scroll bar. It's not easy to tell which changes will add the scroll bar and which will just redraw the whole window in a smaller area. When I first started experimenting I couldn't drag the 'Component' column wide enough to see the whole of a "User <machinename>\<username>" value. It's as if there's minimum widths for other columns that limit how big one column can be dragged if the other columns are already at their narrowest settings. Later on, after having dragged the window to its full width then narrowed it again, I was able to make the 'Component' column wide enough.
  3. JeremyNicoll

    NEW Beta 9018

    Upgraded ok... W8.1 64-bit laptop screen res is 900 x 1600 But display of the log is worse. If I drag the log window as wide as possible, then drag it narrower, a horizontal scroll bar appears (though how wide it is has varied in my experiments - sometimes when the window is maybe 2/3 of its full width, the scroll bar is about 95% of the smaller window's width, implying it cannot be scrolled sideways very much). Once a scrollbar is presented, actually dragging the bar sideways shows that the full display is no longer accessible. That is I'm seeing truncation of the rhs of what was previously displayed in the max-width window. I've also had the scroll-bar mysteriously vanish from the display while the window is much smaller than full-width.
  4. Win 10 1809 EAM 9018 After boot (fast start disabled) accessing the BB window I had to drag down the little pull down thing to show all items in list. However the window would not show all items until I had clicked in it.
  5. Windows 10 1809, EAM 8988 Each morning after boot and a cup of tea I open EAM logs and highlight the update line which says ''downloaded and installed 67 files in 45 seconds'' (example number) and select the View Details button. This morning there was no info there at all. I tried again. Then I tried from the logs icon on left side of GUI. Then suddenly they were all there. This has not happened before. I have attached debug logs where I noticed round 5.04 am there were quite a few of these in a2start logs. 05:04:02.611 6700 Warning: name "components[]" is not only name of "LogsPage.html" 05:04:02.611 6700 Warning: name "components[]" is not only name of "LogsPage.html" 05:04:02.611 6700 Warning: name "components[]" is not only name of "LogsPage.html" and some odd looking events in the a2service logs at the same time. a2start_20181025044852(3200).zip
  6. It was probably asked before but anyway.... In older versions we could auto adjust column width by double clicking on separators. This is not possible any more and it requires lots of time and nerves to adjust them properly. Any chance of bringing this functionality back?
  7. A few observations on the latest beta: 1. This issue is still not fixed 2. Behaviour Blocker process list - if you use the scroll arrow to scroll down to the bottom of the list, it stops before it has shown all the processes and you can't make it go any further - you have to expand the list using the grab handle to be able to see the full list 3. If you disable all components from the system tray right-click menu, the icon for Anti-Ransomware disabled is a blue information icon rather than an orange exclamation icon