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Found 5 results

  1. W8.1 EAM 2021.1.0.10611 I know this beta has been superseded, but 10611 hung my machine on the 3rd. I'm not sure whether to complain here or in the main forum. The underlying problem is not new; this happens every so often. I run a script (I've versions in two languages) which in turn runs a VBS script which uses set objShell = CreateObject("shell.application") objShell.Explore(usefoldr) to open a File Explorer view of a folder. The process (one script calls another which attempts this) executes many tens of time every day, for a huge variety of different folders, but sometimes it causes a "suspicious activity" alert. That's fine, I don't mind that, though it's puzzling why it only does so occasionally. But when the alert is displayed, it has no clickable icons on it, apart from an "X" at the top righthand corner. As soon as I take the mouse pointer over the alert pane, it changes to an eggtimer. (I presume the task that displays the pane is stuck in logic meant to display the buttons that one could theoretically click on?) I've been told by @GT500 that my "one script calls another" is somehow the cause of the problem, but I don't see why (a) one script calling another is so unusual, or (b) why the cause of the alert being triggered matters. Surely the logic that displays an alert should take over subsequently? If it's trying to discern something about the trigger so it can sensibly populate the alert's buttons, then it's overdue for a change that has an "if I can't tell why I was triggered then continue with default allow/stop buttons" so the user can interact with it. I did force a full system dump. Do you want it? I don't have debug logs.
  2. Autoupdated ok. How fast should 4 of 5 scan be on EEK (malware traces?) I only ask because it was so fast I had to run an EAM scan to see what 4 of 5 was.
  3. Win 10 20H2 Updated via autoupdate. EAM stopped and restarted itself
  4. Unusually EAM didn't do a restart of itself after the autoupdate of new beta after boot this morning. Logs and screenie attached. I would never have known about the needed restart if I hadn't looked at the logs. I know that restart box is only shown for 20 seconds but how are people supposed to know if they don't read Forensics? a2guard_20201225043727(6668).zip
  5. Hello Team, thanks for your efforts while creating beta version. I just wanted to know does our new beta version supports Mpaj malware removal? Will be great if you do so.
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