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Found 4 results

  1. Frank just wondering if you can see any reason why sometimes it takes so long for the first update of the day to happen after a cold boot on Win 7 (machine turned off at night) This morning it took 18 minutes from when protection first started. Yesterday 16 minutes. The day before that 2 minutes. The day before that 9 minutes. Auto updates during the day are fine and on time. Debug logs for today plus forensics .txt attached. a2service_20171024044106(852).zip Forensics_171024-050217.txt EDIT.. just noticed that it seems to want to update after cold boot at the same time of day as the last update the day before . Should it be doing that?
  2. EAM *.7838 Windows 10 Pro 1703 OS Build 15063.540 x64 1. Extract malware pack 2. Files are detected by File Guard real-time protection 3. Detected files are auto-quarantined and added to the Quarantine folder with .EIQF extension 4. Not all detected and auto-quarantine files appear in the GUI Quarantine list 5. Also some event logging quirks appeared in the Forensic Log during the process of detection and auto-quarantine There are occasional duplicate entries. The Component\Action sequences are OK. In the image below, take note of duplicate, identical line items for: xls.xls (there is a duplicate "infection quarantined") JbhbUsFs.exe (there is a double behavior blocker detection and Core notification) Minor GUI stuff; the applicable protections themselves are working. 11-8-17_6.7z
  3. EAM on Win 7 64bit (a couple of days since this machine was on) After the download of new beta I looked in Update logs and it says when I click 'view details'........ General Information:Update started: 31/07/2017 19:00:10 Update ended: 31/07/2017 19:02:46 Time elapsed: 0:02:36 Update successful Detailed Information:182 modules, 34381181 bytes In Forensics logs it doesn't show the amount downloaded when you click 'view details' it just shows.. General Information: Version 2017.7.0.7797 Update started: 31/07/2017 19:00:10 Update ended: 31/07/2017 19:02:46 Time elapsed: 0:02:36 Update successful If I take a screenshot of Forensic Log it shows a different amount to the update log. Why is this?
  4. Why do I get so many entries for EAM updates on Windows 10?