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Found 8 results

  1. EAM 7353 on Win 10 Pro 64 bit build 1703. What is this Mem Compression just shown as verifying?
  2. Win 7 64bit EAM 7260 EAM seems to take quite a while now on the 'installing' bit of the updates.. why is that? I have attached some debug logs of today's update which at one stage I thought was frozen they took so long to install. Also why are there hundreds of MaintenanceCallback entries every second in the Guard logs? a2start_20170318135812(412).zip
  3. when u click "always block this" , there is no responding test with latest beta 7318 ,window 7 x64
  4. Yesterday I autoupdated to 7207 on Win 10 64bit. with EAM I reset the logs counter only. Today I booted up and after almost 15 minutes there is still no update. Gui says last update was 23 hours ago. Debug logs attached a2service_20170224070047(1420).zip
  5. EIS - Windows 10 Pro 64-bit Version 1607 OS Build 14393.576 * * * * * Install EIS 1. Windows' Antimalware service will continue to run for 3 - 5 minutes, even after a system reboot 2. Check Security & Maintenance > Security immediately after reboot; I can clearly see in Task Manager that it is running, performing its initial post-boot check with CPU usage 3. Neither EIS nor Windows Defender will appear under Security for a few minutes; the list of active AV is blank 4. When they do appear after about 3 - 5 minutes, then Security Center indicates that both Windows Defender and EIS are running - and gives the warning that two AV running at the same time is not recommended 5. After about 30 seconds, Windows Defender disappears from the Security Center and only EIS remains The above will occur after system reboot every time
  6. EAM on Windows 7 64bit. Turned on laptop and was logged in with a temp profile. Logged out and back into my own profile. EAM started autoupdate and never finished it. Some things such as taskmanager etc were slow to respond. In the end I rebooted (went straight to my own profile as normal this time) EAM has not attempted to update again and still says last update was yesterday when I hover over taskbar icon. I may attempt manual update later, however I think something is broken Find attached debug logs, screenshot of GUI and update log. update log.txt a2service_20170201065719(1116).zip
  7. Big bugs in the update package size of I've installed version EMSISOFT IS I got within three days I checked the update package size. The first day about 24 MB. The second day is about 42 MB. The third day is about 49.5 MB. Why does this update package size is too much. I updated version of the high volume of daily 11 EMSISOFT the problem I had, and I support the report, but the company did not fix it. There is also the problem now in version 12. Please make this big problem. (Total size of the database BitDefender Antivirus is published on a weekly basis is about 170 MB), but EMSISOFT receives 50 megabytes per day.? Respectfully
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