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Found 6 results

  1. Win 7 Home 64 bit Auto updated to 7985 and noticed in forensic logs that a app rule for mvsp hosts was removed at the time of the update. This rule was created on the 19th September. What made EAM clean it up? Is it just cleaning old rules up when it does the new build? It reminds me of when another rule was removed by EAM without me doing anything Find logs attached plus 2 screenshots. a2service_20170927065420(3784).zip
  2. EAM on win 10 Pro 64bit I paused EAM while I re-downloaded Eicar to test scanning. EAM restarted protection and while EAM was doing a malware scan I was looking in the Event Viewer. EAM caught Eicar and then I noticed scan was stuck on 99% on C\Windows\write.exe Could not use taskmanager to do a dump of Emsi, nothing at all would work so I did a hard shutdown. Find enclosed debug logs. + Screenshot of stuck scan before all desktop froze as well. +Screenshot of forensic logs for today +txt file of event viewer error for a2service radar_pre_leak64 a2guard_20170901102833(2972).zip
  3. EAM on Win 7 64bit (a couple of days since this machine was on) After the download of new beta I looked in Update logs and it says when I click 'view details'........ General Information:Update started: 31/07/2017 19:00:10 Update ended: 31/07/2017 19:02:46 Time elapsed: 0:02:36 Update successful Detailed Information:182 modules, 34381181 bytes In Forensics logs it doesn't show the amount downloaded when you click 'view details' it just shows.. General Information: Version 2017.7.0.7797 Update started: 31/07/2017 19:00:10 Update ended: 31/07/2017 19:02:46 Time elapsed: 0:02:36 Update successful If I take a screenshot of Forensic Log it shows a different amount to the update log. Why is this?
  4. EAM *.7838 Windows 10 Pro 1703 OS Build 15063.540 x64 1. Extract malware pack 2. Files are detected by File Guard real-time protection 3. Detected files are auto-quarantined and added to the Quarantine folder with .EIQF extension 4. Not all detected and auto-quarantine files appear in the GUI Quarantine list 5. Also some event logging quirks appeared in the Forensic Log during the process of detection and auto-quarantine There are occasional duplicate entries. The Component\Action sequences are OK. In the image below, take note of duplicate, identical line items for: xls.xls (there is a duplicate "infection quarantined") JbhbUsFs.exe (there is a double behavior blocker detection and Core notification) Minor GUI stuff; the applicable protections themselves are working. 11-8-17_6.7z
  5. Did we ever get it sorted about why so many event id 15 entries appear in the Windows Event Manager? I remember this from quite a while agao but cannot find post for it at the moment. This is from today's update to beta 7353 on Windows 10 using EAM They say.... Updated Emsisoft Anti-Malware status successfully to SECURITY_PRODUCT_STATE_ON.
  6. Why do I get so many entries for EAM updates on Windows 10?