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Cannot scroll EEK screens

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I am on Windows XP and IE 8.0.  The Safe Mode screen does not provide aqny swcroll buttons aqnd the entire EEK display does not fit on my screen.


I was able to launch a deep scan by tabbing until my cursor was off the screen, which I assumed meant it was on the "submit" button (which I could not see).  Apparently it was since the scan started.


Now the scan results are appearing, but I cannot scroll to the bottom of the results list to see what probelms the scan is finding.  I can see just six lines of results, covering about 67 of the 124 reported detected objects.  Nothing but medium risk objects are shown, so I don't know if the scan has round any high risk objects (which I expect it to find).


How can I see the entire report?  Is there something I can set to increase the amount of the results displayed, or to allow me to scroll through the output?


Thank you.


I'm sorry if this is covered by another topic, but I didn't see any promising subjects.



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we suggest to use the EEK in normal Windows mode if you have problems with the monitor resolution. You are able to change the resolution to 800x600 in Windows safemode?


Is it not possible to run the EEK in normal Windows mode you are able to press the button View report in the EEK scanner result window?


If yes please press this button to see the scan report. Also you will find the scanreport in the EEK folder on subfolder \RUN\Reports\.

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