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Digital Singatures

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1. No. A certificate is not a perfect guarantee of safety. (This is why it's often wise to scan digitally signed apps or check for information on VirusTotal or Jotti.)


2. A problem can occur but according to Emsisoft, they update both the whitelist and blacklist very regularly. In this way, if a previously trusted (digitally signed) app was later found to be malware or unsafe, the certificate would be blacklisted and (I believe) the entry in your programs list would be amended to show the change of status.


Hopefully one of the staff will be along to provide further details.

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Blues is right, a certificate is not a guarantee of safety.


However, I've been having the  "automatically trust programs signed with valid digital signatures" option enabled since when it was first introduced, mainly because I'd like to receive as less pop-ups as possible.

For security reasons (as pointed by blues in his post), I've also set OA to automatically look for updates once a day, so I can have the whitelist/blacklist files up-to-date. 


Options/Check for updates: http://www.emsisoft.com/en/info/oa/Options.shtml

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