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command line scanner scan speed problem with /advancedcaching parameter

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while scanning windows32 folder  with /advancedcaching parameter


i have scanned many times in a row and  it don't speed up scan


 i rarely  get  a fast scan time even scanning many times  like today i never got a fast scan i scanned  folder  like 4 times no  big change in scan time



Ive  tried both parameters


a2cmd.exe/ac "C:\WINDOWS\system32

a2cmd.exe/advancedcaching "C:\WINDOWS\system32


it still took   about same time


today my scan time was around 2:47


my fastest scan time yesterday was 1:47 it only happen 1 time


with same amount of files



seems the  parameter is  not work correctly


please fix this  soon


thank you

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The advanced caching is intended to reduce general performance usage. It does not necessarily mean that scan times are automatically lower but that further scans consume less performance, which means they don't stress the CPU as much. If the CPU is the bottle neck on your system during a typical scan, this will translate into shorter scan times. On most systems with multi-core CPUs this isn't the case though. The bottle neck there is the hard disk. The caching doesn't reduce the amount of data read from the disk at all, so if your hard disk is the actual bottle neck during a scan, scans won't get faster, they just don't stress your CPU as much.

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