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Hi there.

Is there anyway I can send the following files to have it whitelisted?


These belong to EVE Online which is a MMO.


Suggestions come empty which leads me to believe no one really stumbled across this game, which was released back in 2003 and has a constant 30k to 40k+ players online without counting peak hours.


Screenshots below:



The first one being the launcher being launched:
The second one is after launcher being excluded and pressing "Play" and before the Game is actually launched.
Files attached in 7z extention.



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Do you want me to run an update and then remove the rules and attempt again? Only problem is that EVE Online is down now for 30 minutes for maintenance, so I won't be able to bypass the patcher.


Let me know.


There is also Awesomenauts (from) that is not whitelisted (at least it wasn't yesterday).


Screenshot below taken just now (after deleting the rule I had created for it (Exclude).


File also attached.



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HI an update:

I can confirm that EVE Online is now whitelisted.


Just need to check Awesomenauts.


Edit: Awesomenauts alert still appears if I remove the Exclude rule.


Edit: Awesomenauts no longer displays alerts without a rule.

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Hi again.


There are 2 games in which Mamutu fires up alerts. I have previously excluded them but when I tried to update, for some odd reason no rules were uploaded.


I have removed the rules and re-did them in order to take the screenshots of the alerts. Any chance the 2 games and its processes could be White listed?


Games are: RaiderZ (US Version by Perfect World Entertainment) and Seven Core Online (US Version by GPotato), along with its nProtect anti hacking program.


RaiderZ pop ups (by order of Launching the Launcher and then getting into game):







Seven Core Online (from launching the Launcher to get into game):







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