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Emsisoft Enterprise Console


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I currently reviewing Emsisoft Products for potential deployment on our network. It is important for me to have some sort central management for install/uninstalling and managing in general. I downloaded Emsisoft Enterprise Console to test that functionality but am unable to deploy the product.


Do I need to have Enterprise key to test it? If yes, is it possible to have a trial key?


Our network comprises of

Win 2k8 AD

x64 win 7 machines

x32 win 7 machines

x32 win xp machines


x64 win 2003 servers

x32 win 2003 servers


x64 win 2008 servers

x32 win 2008 servers


Apple OS X 10.7 machines.

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Hi gsbhamra,


The term 'Enterprise key' is a bit confusing because you should enter a regular Emsisoft Anti-Malware License key.

You can enter a  fake key like '123' to be able to test whether deployment works.


Deploy fails can have some causes:

- UAC is enabled on remote PC.

- Firewall is blocking.



Please note:

- for deploying Emsisoft Anti-Malware on a windows server you need a server license.

- Emsisoft Anti-Malware is only available on windows based OS.


If you still experience issues with deploy I will be happy to assist you.




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