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License Issue


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Hi everybody!

I have problem with Emsisoft Anti-Malware license.

2 Days before, in the License Center and Emsisoft Ant-Malware was wrote that my license is still valid 1122 days.

Now my license is only valid for 14 days. Where is problem?

If I need, I can send license key on PM.

I aslo send message to Emsisoft Helpdesk but no answer jet!


(and sorry for my bad english)

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Since attempting to assist more than one person in the same topic can cause us to inadvertently overlook someone, I have split your post into a new topic. We also ask that, in the future, you create a new topic on the forums when asking for assistance so that it is easier for us to assist you. ;)

I have found an Emsisoft Anti-Malware license associated with your account in our Customer Center, and I have sent an e-mail to our Sales Manager about this.

Would you prefer that we reply to you here on the forums, or via the helpdesk?

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