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Yes, however that answer is a bit misleading.

If the kind of game that you are talking about is a 3D game from a major developer/publisher, then I don't expect worms to be spreading though them. When it comes to games that you play by visiting a website (Facebook games for instance) then it is possible to get infections from such things (especially if they are not from reputable companies), however most worms spread though other means. While worms spreading though online games may become an issue in the future, it is not really an issue at the moment, and since there are certain issues with making it work I don't expect to see it in the near future.

The reason I said 'yes' is because there are worms that can spread without you doing anything. If they find a computer that can be exploited, then they will exploit it. This can happen when you are chatting with someone in an online game, even if that game is safe and there is not way that someone you are chatting with in the game can exploit it to send you something malicious, because it is not related to the game, and thus I say that my 'yes' answer is somewhat misleading, since without explanation it makes it sound like worms spread through online games. Worms like this are usually quickly nullified by patches from Microsoft and updates for your security software, plus good behavior blockers and HIPS/firewalls can usually prevent them from spreading before the updates that prevent them come out. ;)

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