Bypass Online Armor

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1. Virus Total:



2. What can it do:

(1) The malware injects code to the explorer.exe.

(2) The explorer.exe executes a svchost.exe.

(3) The svchost.exe creates an autorun entry.










4. Result:

HIPS --> failed

Run Safer --> failed

Autoruns --> failed



Windows XP Pro SP3 32bit


6.Product Version: Free

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Hello a256886572008,

Thank you for your report. I looked into the sample and was able to figure out why the code injection wasn't detected properly. We will update Online Armor ASAP.

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Wow. I'm impressed to see some malware really bypassing Online-Armor. After the fixed OA version is released could you elaborate on the reason why this slipped through OA's defenses? Because of some clever/yet unknown way or because of some wrong implementation/bug by OA?


Edit: Found some more info by myself: 1, 2. Looks like OA wasn't the only product which this baddie managed to bypass.

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