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Though EAM "plays well with others", I recommend against running more than 1 security application of the same type.  Modern security applications install services that always run, that can result in performance issues and conflicts.  Such conflicts can result in a system become unstable and can render a system vulnerable to attack.


You want to build a good layered defense, but you have to be careful not over do it.  You need to have Anti-virus, Anti-Spyware, Anti-Trojan, and Adware protection; a decent Anti-Malware application provides all those levels of protection; which EAM does and does very well.  Couple that with a decent third-party firewall, such as Online Armor, which adds protection against Key Loggers and other malicious traffic; you have a solid defense system that will protect you against most of today's online threats.

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I agree with Kevin. I only add Sandboxie to EAM and OA in real-time.


And though I have pro or plus licenses for apps like WinPatrol, MBAM (and even SAS) they are only run on demand as needed.


Frankly, I think EAM, OA, Sandboxie and a reliable imaging program cover all the bases for virtually any eventuality.

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