!WARNING! Important notice about running Online Armor together with ESET Nod32 in Windows 8!

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  • I'm a long time Online Armor & NOD32 user... excluding nod32 in OA and vice versa has always been enough and having HIPS enabled in both applications have never caused any problems.
  • However, since Windows 8, their honeymoon is definitely over  


    I had huge problems yesterday since my computer locked up completely for the 3 rd time in just one week!!!. This time I couldn't even uninstall OA, I couldn't open task manager either because it locked up the whole os before it fully loaded up . Was also trying to restart into the new service mode in windows 8 pro (old safe mode) or whatever it's called but since my computer froze during logging out there was no way, had to hold the Power button and force my computer to shut down over and over again... Regedit froze so I could't delete the autorun entries... cmd.exe froze ... etc etc... Well you get the point :)

I finally found the solution, disabling HIPS in Eset NOD32 V6 released my computer from this uber-mess... Apparenty, since Windows 8, exluding online armor and nod32 from each other isn't enough anymore...


I also tried disabling HIPS in online armor and enabling it in NOD32 and it worked just fine aswell.... However I decided to have HIPS enabled in online armor instead since it offers more control over things...


I hope this warning prevents other people from having to go trough the same computer hell as I did :D


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Yeah, that's exactly the reason why they say "never run two HIPS at the same time and don't even try to install them on the same system"...


Luckily, you were able to solve the problem.

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