EAM making games (specifically DeSmuME) lag

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About system:


Windows 8 Pro, 64-bit

Emsisoft Anti-Malware


Before I installed EAM yesterday, I was able to play games smoothly using the DeSmuME emulator. But post-installation, I noticed that DeSmuME was able to maintain its speed, but at times, it would suddenly lag, almost freezing. The lag will last for 2 seconds. Then, it will go back to normal speed, then after around 10-15 seconds, it will lag again.


This doesn't occur pre-installation, so I tried to quit both EAM and Online Armor Premium, then relaunched the game. Then, the lag was gone. I figured that it had something to do with EAM so I did two things:


1) I excluded DeSmuME.exe in the "Guard : Application Rules" window, and

2) added the whole folder of DeSmuME to the Whitelist in "Guard : File Guard" window.


What could be the problem? I trust where I got my game so it doesn't really contain malware. What can I do in addition to the things I did above?


Thank you very much! Aside from this little booboo, EAM has been awesome!

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the behavior you describe is common when an application causes an excessive amount of behavior blocker events. Excluding the game executable and the game program folder is the right way to solve this issue. :)


If you have any more questions or problems, just let us know.

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