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Adobe reader zero day

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The only thing I read is that Adobe is investigating it, I suspect they'll come with a patch soon.


You could switch to a less used PDF viewer like Foxit Reader or PDF XChange Viewer (both of which could be exploited as well, but the likelihood is a lot smaller because these products aren't as widespread as Adobe Reader). It is unlikely that this is the last discovered vulnerability that can be exploited and after this one is patched, the bad guys will just look for another one.

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Most people usually use PDF files in their browsers. Chrome, Firefox, and Windows 8 have their own PDF viewers that only support viewing documents but don't implement the scripting features that Adobe Acrobat Reader or the Foxit Reader implement, making them a lot more secure. So if you don't receive PDFs via mail on a regular basis or don't mind viewing PDFs in your browser, I strongly suggest getting rid of any dedicated PDF reader and using the browser instead.

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Thanks for your replies


If I view a PDF on my browser what 

is the best way to save it if need be?

I am thinking save it to a disc in d drive.

Then I would need a dedicated PDF reader to view it at a later date correct?

There is no safe way around this is there.

Thanks again :)

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Just open the file with your browser by dragging the file into your browser window. At least for Chrome it works. No idea about Firefox.



Current version of Firefox (18.0.2) doesn't feature a built-in PDF viewer. However, as far as I know, Firefox 19 will:



(Mozilla tests a built-in, secure, PDF viewer in Firefox Beta leveraging the power of HTML5)


Best regards,


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