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Online Armor & DNS Crypt

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How do you think, is it possible joint use of the DNS Crypt (Open DNS) and Online Armor?


How, from the point of view of developers,justified such a combination?


Does it make sense?

As OA will respond to the use of the utility of the DNS Crypt? There are such data?

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And still, as experts believe Emsisoft: encryption DNS-traffic (with the help of DNSCrypt) - really defends against attacks from the "Man in the middle"?

From their product description, it sounds like it will protect your DNS from man-in-the-middle attacks. As for other protocols (HTTP/HTTPS/etc) DNS Crypt shouldn't have any effect on them.
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Thank you very much.smile.png

All the same, I decided to politely decline the use of DNSCrypt and OpenDNS.happy.png

All too ephemeral, unreliable, and the reviews on the Internet are not the best, especially in the field of preservation of privacy...wink.png

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