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ielowutil.exe y u no RunSafer D:

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I was strengthening executable from IE v9 "ielowutil.exe" which was being called on by Yahoo Messenger v11.5 for added security. I used the RunSafer feature of my Emsisoft Online-Armor Firewall. The yahoo messenger threw an error code associated with "Messenger/Plugin/16762d37-0eb1-40d0-5863-5fa5ade02675.yplugin/vitality/vitality/vitality.html" and "vitality.min.js" (which was installed with the messenger) preventing the app from shutting down normally. I uninstalled the messenger, flash player, .net framework, internet explorer, removed all temp files, registry keys.


 ran in cmd prompt

 regsvr32 jscript.dll

 regsvr32 vbscript.dll


^numerous times


reinstalled all mentioned software

noticed internet explorer didnt want to download google.com/chrome without "scriptlets" enabled under internet options> "security" tab> "custom levels" button

as well as functioning for firefox download. so I was stuck with internet explorer, and unable to download other browsers. ontop of that yahoo messenger was still throwing the error with vitality.min.js



this left me with one option. "ielowutil.exe" was still being run in RunSafer mode with Online Armor. any chance we will see windows executables on a different level of RunSafer to prevent conflicts such as this while still being able to provide the sandbox features of RunSafer?


I spent about 8 hours nonstop trying to fix this, please fix Emsisoft staff.
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