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Over 500 entries of the same item in Autoruns

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Over 1500 entries of the same item in Autoruns,,,,,,,yes sir indeed, and I have to manually delete each and every one of them,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ONE AT A TIME?!?!?

Is there any way to batch remove them,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,??


Here's what happend,

Foolishly I installed Microsoft Office Starter Edition just to see what its all about (I have OO as my word prosesser).

I delete MSOSE as some of the adware bundled with it is being blocked by OA, and it's caused slow/delayed startups and a BSOD.

There are 1500 MSOSE (all the same) entries in the Autoruns.



Soooo,,,,,,,do I actually have to manually delete all of the entries?

If I do,,,,,,

OA will be deleted for good!



Michael T........................

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Have you rebooted your system since you uninstalled MSOSE? Usually Online Armor will remove rules that belong to objects that no longer exist on start. So a reboot should get the list cleaned up.


You can also clean up the list manually. It behaves like every standard Windows list which means you can use CTRL + A to select all entries at once or use the SHIFT key to select larger groups of items at once by clicking on the first entry of the group and then clicking on the last entry while holding down SHIFT. After that just hit Delete and you remove all selected entries in one swoop.

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Have you rebooted your system since you uninstalled MSOSE? 


CTRL + A to select all entries at once

> Yes, I rebooted several times as I needed to, and strugled with, the removal of the generated 'Q' virtuall drive.

> This worked, abet, the removal one at a time wasn't working, OA froze up (not responding), for some reason or another.

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