I need help with my pc

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I have a problem with my computer.

It works slow,I cant update windows.

It tells me for windows backup.Then i want to backup and i cant.

I scaned with emsisoft security pack and no virus was found.

I think that is something wrong with my computer.

I am a beginner about computer things.

Please can you help me with something


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Hello Klemen,

Please understand that we can't provide general technical support. If you do suspect a malware infection behind your problems though or in case you want to make sure malware isn't causing the problem, I can offer you a free checkup by one of our Malware Removal specialists. All necessary steps to get things rolling are outlined here:


If you have trouble following these instructions just let me know.

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It's hard to say what the problem may be with your computer since you provided very little information. Slow computers can be related to both hardware and software problems. Since you already ran Emsisoft to check for viruses/malware, you may want to check your System Startup (msconfig) for bloated software. You can also check your Event Log to see if your computer is reporting any error that may be related to the hard drive.


It may come down to having to get professional help if it's a hardware problem. such as a failing hard drive or memory issue.

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